About Us

There is so much information circling around daily it's hard to separate what's worth listening to from what's disposable. We want to filter all that noise and show you the really helpful information, the best.

Our team excels in making complex information available in a way you can understand. Our purpose is to find the numbers and words you need and organize them into a quick, readable, and shareable piece of content - content you will find useful both professionally and personally.

Inspiration Daily

CURSOR aims to become one of the website you go to when you need a digest of new information - a new trend, a new app, or even a life changing tip or business opportunity. We want to be an infinite source of inspiration you can access daily and always leave more knowledgeable than before.

We want to become your go-to source of information for a healthier lifestyle and more productive professional career. You will find the most important business trends, technology and money news, health and lifestyle tips, and much more.

The credibility we expect to inspire in our readers is that of "if it's here, it's worth reading."

Analyzing data is more than just reading numbers. Often when people hear the word "data", they immediately think of numbers, graphs, charts, statistics. But in the real world, data comes in words as well.

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