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When Instagram and Facebook made new changes with their apps and installed a new feature which is exactly the same as Snapchat’s, a lot of people were wondering and were curious about whether it is legal or even ethical to copy another app’s features. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of both Instagram and Facebook, basically copied or stole what Snapchat currently offered and what it is known for.

CEO of Snap Inc. and co-founder of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, is somewhat secretive as he has rejected all interview offers. Fortunately, Spiegel’s supermodel fiancé, Miranda Kerr, isn’t! Kerr said in a recent interview that she had enough already with Facebook copying her partner’s app. In a chat, she said she just can’t stand Facebook and asks rhetorically why they can’t be innovative. “Do they really have to copy the ideas of my partner?” she remarked. She went on by saying that she is appalled by Zuckerberg’s company and that it is not innovation if you directly copy another person’s idea. Surely stealing another person’s idea is not something that you can be proud of but the industry is a lucrative business and CEOs do all they can to stay on top - even if it requires them to steal someone else’s idea.

Maybe you are wondering right now as to why Facebook did not make any attempts to resolve the issue in any way. If you are, then here is something you should know about. Facebook had actually offered Snapchat billions of dollars to purchase the app’s in 2013. However, Evan Spiegel rejected Zuckerberg’s offer in an ungracious manner.

As a result, Zuckerberg and his company took a step in elevating the rank of its social networking app by stealing the concept that they wanted so badly from Snapchat. If you have Facebook, you may already know that it is testing Facebook Stories which is also made available on Messenger in the same format.

Snapchat, as of now, sees a significant decrease in its user growth because Instagram and Facebook Stories have been released. No wonder Spiegel’s fiancé is mad - who wouldn’t be? First off, Mark Zuckerberg is stealing her partner’s main source of income. Second, it was reported that she is actually abstaining from sex!

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In related news, the Victoria Secret angel revealed that she is not getting laid. As a matter of fact, she still hasn’t made love to her fiancé yet. There are rumours about Evan Spiegel being a virgin even at his age. In a chat with The Times (London), Kerr mentioned that there is no need for her to use contraception because she is not getting any sexy time from her current partner. She added that they would only have sex after they get married.

As Miranda Kerr said, “We can’t (have sex). I mean, we are just waiting for the right time.”
Mr. Spiegel and Miranda Kerr started dating in 2015. Spiegel has a net worth of over $4 billion. As for Kerr, she is one of the founders of KORA Organics which is an Aussie-made skincare product line.