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Most dog owners love their pets dearly. In fact, there's nothing they would not do to keep their beloved pets safe. Unfortunately, there are a lot of everyday items in your home that can cause harm to your pet, and some can even be fatal.

Below is a list of household items that you should keep away from your furry friend:

8. Bread Dough

Dogs tend to beg for food. They are so good at it that most pet owners can't help but toss them some food. While some foods are safe for dogs, you should never ever feed them with a piece of dough. The dough will expand in your dog's stomach, which could lead to blood constriction. If such a scenario happens, then a costly surgery would most likely be the solution. Furthermore, the yeast in dough produces alcohol which may cause respiratory failure and seizures in your dog.

7. Lilies

Lilies are common household decorative plants. They are especially common during Easter. Lilies may be beautiful, but you should keep them away from your pet. They can cause heart rhythm issues in dogs. In fact, lilies can even cause kidney failure in cats. Other plants that are toxic to your pet are philodendron, mistletoe, and azaleas.

6. Medication

Most homeowners have some medication lying around their homes, whether it’s for daily use or for emergencies.. These medications may help you but they can be very toxic to your pets. Vitamins, cold medications, and painkillers should be out of reach for your pets. Also, include creams and ointments on that "keep out of reach" list.

5. Leftover bones

Most pet owners are guilty of throwing a piece of chicken wing to their beloved pets. You love your pet, and such generous gesture is because of love. The problem is that when the bone shatters as your dog chews on it, your dog may even choke. It's better if you simply get your dog a chew toy from the pet store.

4. Chocolate

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Chocolate is a staple in most homes. As a matter of fact, some people can't imagine having a movie marathon without chocolate or candy at arm's reach. If your pet is joining you in your movie sessions, it's best that you resist the temptation of sharing your chocolate as it is poisonous to dogs and even cats.

3. Floss

Even if you regularly toothbrush, dentists still recommend that you floss your teeth daily. Floss may be good for your dental health but keep it away from your pet as it may be super dangerous. It can cause strangulation and intestinal blockages if ingested. Rubber bands, yarns, and strings should also be kept away for the same reasons.

2. Batteries

In the electronic world that we live in, having extra batteries is a must. Just keep them away from your pets. If your dog bites on a battery, it can lead to ulcers in the stomach, esophagus, or mouth.

1. Sidewalk Salt

Sidewalk salt keeps everyone from slipping during the cold winter months. However, this salt is poisonous for your dog. It also irritates their paws. Also, you don't want your pet licking the salt when it comes in contact with its paws. Keep your sidewalk salt away from your dog, and wash its paws if they come into contact with it.