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Your living room space is among the first things that you look at when you feel that your home needs a new look. As the main room of your home, it is important that your living room reflects your style and personality while is also looking as presentable as possible. Whatever your budget is, your space could still look very stylish. Before starting your redesign project, you should always consider what can be kept from your old space that will suit your new design plans. Imagining what look you want is also a very important step in designing your new space.

Simple Is Always Better

Having an over accessorized living room space can look very cluttered and disorganized. You can opt to retain certain items that may have sentimental value but make sure that you strategically place them when it’s time for you to decorate.

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Make Your Television Blend In

Having visible, bulky, and messy looking wires from your TV can take down your whole living room design. No one wants to look at those messy wires. Adding something like a gallery wall or an art arrangement can conceal the clutter and minimize the mess from tangled or unconcealed wires. This may not conceal the mess completely, but it can distract your eyes to something more appealing.

Use Unique Textiles

Give your living room some personality by adding unique rugs, upholstered stools, seat cushions, or some throw pillows to inject distinctive elements which will create an intriguing creative visual and make your living room more vibrant and colorful.

Add a Sculptural Item

Instead of having tons of straight lines and forms, introduce an interesting shape or a unique silhouette to your living room to provide that unexpected component to your space. It could also make a great conversational piece, especially if the item has a story.

Add Some Artwork

Incorporating artwork can mean spending some hefty cash. However, there are a couple of ways for you to add that focal factor to your home without spending too much. Keep an eye out for flea market sales or thrift stores since they have beautiful artwork at reasonable prices. Better yet, you can get creative and create some beautiful art pieces on your own.

Mix Textures

A mix of glass, wood, metals, or different textiles will be great to use, especially when you are trying to achieve a custom and luxurious look. Also, mixing textures can create an inviting space for your guests, all while still keeping it simple and unique. A mix of textures will provide your home an excellent atmosphere.

Add Some Historical Pieces

Give your space some history. You can do so by incorporating small tables, accessories, or even an heirloom mirror. The trick is for these items to be older. Go to a flea market that sells these amazing pieces to have a couple of interesting ones in your living room.