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A small apartment has its upsides such as lower rent, a uniquely cozy charm, and closer proximity to the bustling downtown area. However, small spaces come with a major downside, too - decorating. It can be difficult to decorate a small space, but we have some great tips to turn your small space into a gorgeous area.

People usually think that in decorating a small room, you must focus more on functionality instead of design. This is not true. Fortunately, you have us to help you gain some ideas on how to beautify a small room. You may be short on space. However, that does not mean you can’t make it look stylish and sophisticated.

5. Delineate Separate Areas

Open concept living can be overwhelming. Over time, you will realize that because of the lack of definition on your space, things tend to look messy. Do all you can to put a definition of separate areas. Give each area its own purpose. To round off an entranceway, put up a shoe and coat rack by the door. A buffet can be positioned in between the dining area and the kitchen for extra storage and easy service. Back up your sofa to your bed’s foot so you can draw an eye into the small living room.

4. Purchase Dual-Purpose Furniture

Every inch of your room counts, especially when you have limited space. Make the most out of it by investing in dual-purpose furniture pieces. There are lots of pieces that will make it easier for you to make an impact with your tiny apartment. Pick furniture that works with your space instead of trying to make your space work with your furniture. One of the best places for dual-purpose furniture is in the bedroom.

3. Rethink Your Unused Space

After living in your room for quite some time, you may easily lose all the ideas on how you can make better use of the same space. If you think you are not using the space you have in an effective way, then it is time for you to transform those dead spaces into something more useful. Brainstorm ways on how you can use blank walls and unused corners to your advantage.

2. Vertical Storage

A narrow, vertical storage system is your best bet if you want to make the most out of your blank wall. For built-in shelving, place identical bookshelves on both sides of your doorway. If you want to take storage to another level, you can use an available wall space to tuck away foldable furniture.

1. Light Color Palette

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When selecting colors for a tiny room, keep things light. Darker, richer colors make spaces seem smaller but lighter shades open things up. Focus on two bright shades when decorating. Add only darker colors for accent so as to keep your apartment visually interesting. You don’t have to forget about interior design when decorating a tiny room. Strike a balance between functionality and style, and you will surely impress guests and visitors with your ability to transform a small room into a stylish living space without making it look crowded.