The new iPhone X is supposed to be extremely durable. Source: Engadget

iPhone X is the latest in a series of smartphones released by Apple. When it first came out in November this year, the phone was billed as the future of iPhones and to be honest, it has many futuristic features.

There was one notable thing though that Apple promised to its customers. The American smartphone maker stated categorically that the iPhone X was made with “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone.”

However, this may not be entirely true. The phone cannot withstand any kind of serious impact. For the last few weeks, we have seen many videos of iPhone X drop tests online. From what we have seen so far, it appears that the iPhone X takes a massive hit every time it’s dropped on a hard concrete surface. The fragile nature of the iPhone X has been so bad that Square Trade, a company that sells smartphone protection plans, has termed it as the most breakable iPhone ever made.

Drop tests for the iPhone X are not promising. Source: Nerdist

A video released by Square Trade shows the iPhone X being dropped from a height of six feet. The phone is also dropped from different angles. In each of the tests showcased in the video, the phone performs very poorly. The smallest damage recorded was when the phone was dropped directly on its side. There was still a huge dent in the area of impact even though the glass was intact. The sad thing is that, after a few minutes, the OLED display started to act up. One side of the screen turned completely green.

The biggest damage was seen when the iPhone X was dropped directly on the front and on its back. In these two tests, the phone developed major cracks on the screen right after impact.

CNET also did its own drop test for the iPhone X. This time the phone was tossed about 3 feet to the sidewalk and just like in the other tests, the phone came out damaged. There was a dent around the area of impact, a small crack on the screen, and a fracture around the back.

The iPhone X seems to crack easily. Source: Tech Worm

However, there are some videos online that show the iPhone X coming out unscathed in various drop tests. In others, the phone only develops minor cracks. Despite these variations in the drop test performance, you can never be too sure. This is a smartphone that has been praised for having the strongest and most durable glass ever. In that case, you’d expect that it would be free of damage from any drop. 

But that is not the case. It would be wise to get an iPhone X case just to be on the safe side. Apple screen repairs are costly. The last thing you want is to spend nearly $300 to fix your screen just because you were too trusting of the phone’s durability.

Besides, a case is very affordable and can protect the smartphone from any damage. Apple is yet to issue a statement on these developments but for a phone that has been billed as the smartphone of the future, it really scores poorly in durability and strength.