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The Samsung S8 has finally been launched, and yes, it is almost as we expected all thanks to the massive number of leaks that sprung online on the run up to the launch. Nonetheless, it is a nifty phone and the features it comes with are not just unique but aligned to the expectations of many Samsung smartphone users.

But, what is new in the Samsung S8?

Well, in this post we are going to give you the full breakdown.


To begin with, the large display is quite impressive. It features faster innards and a remarkably improved all around experience on the user interface. And that is not all. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with a fingerprint sensor mounted on the Rear. It will also have the Bixby AI assistant, a well-refined user interface, and also a massive infinity display at its front. The screen is also HDR enabled to give you an extremely improved online streaming experience. The home key is no longer there. What you will have is a pressure sensitive button that you can press to unlock the phone.

The Camera

The S8 will also feature a 12 MP camera on the back with added software improvements to deliver great snaps. The camera will also include a new feature called multi-frame image. The feature allows you to take three photos at the same time where you will get to keep the sharpest and discard the others.

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Battery Life

One of the concerns though is the battery life. Even though Samsung has made major improvements in CPU efficiency and speed, the battery has still remained at 3000mAh. It appears as though there won’t be any improvements on the battery life albeit there has been an attempt by the smartphone maker to re-engineer screen resolution as a way of increasing battery life. However, this may not be enough.

Processor Speed and Performance

Another important feature to note is related to the processor. The S8 phones that will be sold in the US will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 while those available in other parts of the world will come with the Exynos 8895 processor. The phone will have 4GB of RAM in all models. Preliminary assessment shows that the CPU performance has increased by nearly 10% adding to the notion that the S8 will be much more efficient and faster.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date And Price

Samsung has confirmed that the S8 will be released on April 21 in the US and April 28 in the rest of the world. However, in case you are sitting there and saying “I must have it” you can easily pre-order the phone today, and it will be delivered to your doorstep before April 20th. As for the price, the phone will retail at about $724 which will make it one of the most expensive phones in the market. For people who want to buy it through a contract in the US, it will range between $28 and $35 a month depending on the carrier you choose.