Smartphone with the Gemini logo on its display

Belonging to Google's AI model suite, Gemini, the image generator has been the center of controversy since its launch due to its unintended and historically inaccurate image outputs. The ramifications were quickly noticed on social media platforms.

However, the decision to pull Gemini off is only temporary, as the plan is to relaunch it. Now, Google's much-debated artificial intelligence image generator is set for a comeback soon, as announced by Google DeepMind's CEO, Demis Hassabis. Find out more in this article.

Where The AI Image Generator Went Wrong

The image generator tool, designed to create visuals based on user prompts, has been criticized for its output of historically incorrect and disconcerting results. Some of the polemics involved are listed here. Check them out.

  • The generator composed an image of a diverse group of soldiers in 1943 German military uniforms when prompted to provide an image of a German soldier from the same year.
  • It generated a racially diverse group of rulers, including a female one, when prompted for a historically correct image of a medieval British king.

Google responded by temporarily pulling off the feature, admitting it was not functioning as expected. This decision, however, led to a 4.4% dip in Alphabet's shares, closing at $ 137.57 on Monday.

Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, who had earlier emphasized the company's commitment to AI development, faced significant criticism for the handling of the Gemini issue.

Other Gemini Controversies

Google also faced a backlash due to the renaming of its chatbot, a rival to OpenAI's ChatGPT, after Gemini – the same name as its main AI model suite. Also, a query that asked Gemini's chatbot to compare Adolf Hitler's societal impact with Elon Musk's controversial tweets went viral as the bot struggled to provide a definitive answer.

The controversies around Gemini sparked a widespread debate on Google's AI ethics, leading to some critics labeling the company as too 'woke' or left-leaning. Critics argue that Google has not adequately invested in the correct forms of AI ethics, a perception that was further exacerbated by the dismissal of the co-leads of its AI ethics group in 2020 and 2021.

Google's Plan To Redeem Gemini

Despite the backlash, Google is determined to fix the issues with Gemini's image-generating tool. The company announced plans to pause the image generation feature and assured the release of an improved version soon.

Google, along with other tech companies such as Microsoft and Amazon, remains determined to develop AI tools and assistants capable of performing a range of tasks, from scheduling appointments to purchasing gifts and even writing code.