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A lot of homeowners nowadays are struggling because they don’t know whether to keep or sell the household items they have inherited from past generations. Some who are faced with this dilemma just opt to donate antiques, thinking that they are better off with newer furniture or decorative pieces. Moreover, most of us feel overwhelmed with the idea of incorporating valuable antiques into our themed houses since we don’t know how to. Keep on reading because we have compiled a list of elegant ways wherein you can finally use the treasured pieces that have been passed on to you instead of throwing or donating them.

Introduce the Old to the New

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Modern vintage - Yes, it is a real term. It describes how homeowners and designers use antiques to decorate contemporary, modern living spaces. Mixing modern and vintage is the latest trend and it is not going away soon. The key to achieving this look or interior is to find the right balance. This means heirloom pieces must be used to contrast contemporary finds.

For instance, you can use the vintage grandfather’s clock you have lying in the garage in a room where there’s limewashed flooring. On the other hand, grannie’s console table can be placed in a modern hall. To add a modern touch, surround it with contemporary art. You can also add a fresh coat of contemporary color to an old piece of furniture. Just remember that it is about incorporating the antique item that you love to a room and making it the focal point of the design.

Have It Painted

If you are looking for the simplest way to incorporate an antique piece into a modern-themed room, then all you have to do is to update its paint job. Do not be hesitate in picking an intense or bold color. However, make sure that you give the living space balance by making the entire room neutral in design, otherwise, the antique piece will just overpower the space. Furthermore, let the updated antique speak for itself.

Note: You must only use intense color if you already have household decorative pieces that are neutral in both color and design.

Parade the Personal

Most people find themselves in a rush in assessing what pieces are valuable enough to keep, especially when their parents or grandparents are brought to senior citizen homes. Some, up to this day, still find themselves opening boxes containing bowls, crystal glasses, and lovely tea cups that are just stored away. Allocate a shelf that will feature some of the best pieces that you have inherited. It is one of the best ways for you and your children to remember your loved ones that used to own the antiques.

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Contemporize Cover-ups

Homeowners love the idea of converting something old into a brand new item. A lot of people revive their vintage chairs by reupholstering them with a contemporary fabric. Be bold and modernize antiques with something unconventional, bright, and funky. Just remember to avoid stretchy fabrics because patterns and lines will be harder to control.

These are just some of the best ways you can use to incorporate antiques without compromising your home’s aesthetics. Do not throw away valuable inherited items because you can always make use of them to make your home look even more sophisticated as you combine the old with the new.