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While Uber is still licking its wounds after losing hundreds of thousands of loyal customers, its biggest competitor, Lyft, is expanding into 54 new locations. Lyft, one of the hottest on-demand ride-hailing services today, has been made available to new cities including Pensacola, Florida; Iowa City, Iowa; Springfield, Massachusetts; Topeka, Kansas; Fargo, North Dakota, etc. As of this moment, Lyft is present in almost 300 cities including the new markets that have been added recently.

According to the head of Lyft’s Expansion and Early Stage Markets, Jaime Raczka, they have introduced the company to a hundred cities with only two months into 2017. “We are looking forward to set and continue the rapid momentum. We want to bring Lyft’s affordable and safe rides into even more cities in the next few months.”

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Lyft described the launch that was held today as the largest they have had. It is the company’s second wave to its ‘massive expansion’ and people should watch out as it is planning to pursue even more cities. Not for long, Lyft will start reaching out to other countries, especially in Europe and Asia.

The launch today was obviously done in order to beat its competitor, Uber. Uber is still dealing with the controversy that has been brought upon its CEO and it is probably still doing a bit of soul-searching as of this moment. Tons of cities across the globe have been contributing to Uber’s growth. However, riders now have more options which is good for them but bad for Uber. The expansion of Lyft, as seen by many, is its way of capitalizing on Uber’s damaged reputation. However, this is welcomed, especially by those who are supporting the #DeleteUber campaign that was trending for days on Twitter.

Last month, Lyft revealed its plan to accelerate its launch pace and it has certainly lived up to its promise. At that time, the spokesperson of Lyft stated that last year was a rather ‘strong’ year for the company. This is from the fact that it had given more or less 163 million rides all over the country. Lyft is having high hopes of increasing the number at least 2 or 3 times this year and is now operating in almost all states but it is still far behind its omnipresent rival.
Below are the additional cities where you can request a Lyft ride in:

- Fredericksburg, Virginia
- Lakeland, Florida
- Ocala, Florida
- Pensacola, Florida
- Fort Myers, Florida
- Port St. Lucie, Florida
- Springfield, Massachusetts
- Pittsfield, Massachusetts
- Worcester, Massachusetts
- Amherst, Massachusetts
- Amarillo, Texas
- Bismarck, North Dakota
- Fargo, North Dakota
- Grand Folks, North Dakota
- Ames, Iowa
- Cedar Rapids, Iowa
- Davenport, Iowa
- Des Moines, Iowa
- Iowa City, Iowa
- Sioux City, Iowa
- Waterloo, Iowa
- Carbondale, Illinois
- Decatur, Illinois
- Kankakee, Illinois
- Evansville, Indiana
- Gary, Indiana
- Muncie, Indiana
- Terre Haute, Indiana
- Manhattan, Kansas
- Topeka, Kansas
- Flint, Michigan
- Jackson, Michigan
- Kalamazoo, Michigan
- Midland, Michigan
- Saginaw, Michigan
- Mankato, Minnesota
- Rochester, Minnesota
- St. Cloud, Minnesota
- Youngstown, Ohio
- Eau Claire, Wisconsin
- Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
- Janesville, Wisconsin
- La Crosse, Wisconsin
- Sheboygan, Wisconsin
- Birmingham, Alabama
- Augusta, Georgia
- Brunswick, Georgia
- Columbus, Georgia
- Macon, Georgia
- Martinsburg, West Virginia
- Morgantown, West Virginia
- Huntington, West Virginia
- Parkersburg, West Virginia