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Starting a business is deeply woven into the American culture. After all, it’s one of the reasons why the forefathers left the old world and started a new era in which any man can be successful no matter his origins. Even during times of recession or correction, there were still a lot of businesses started. As you may already know, being an entrepreneur is a tough job. To succeed, you'd want all the help that you can get, and this includes your location. In this article, we are going to list five of the most entrepreneur-friendly locations in the United States.

5. Utah

Utah boasts of having a high density of startup businesses. In fact, according to statistics, there are 93.5 startups for every 1,000 firms in Utah. If a location exhibits a high number of startup businesses, then it must be doing something right. Also, Utah offers the 2nd highest ‘employee education level’ in the United States. From these two factors, it's easy to see why Utah sits on the 5th place on our list.

4. Colorado

Colorado provides a great community for entrepreneurs. In fact, the state has a ‘startup activity’ score that's well within the top five when compared to the other states. On the downside, entrepreneurs may have to deal with the problem of employee unavailability. The good news is that Colorado has an above-average GDP per capita, and there are more businesses that are opening doors than closing. These are only a few of the many factors why Colorado is worthy to have the 4th place on our list.

3. Idaho

Idaho's GDP isn't great compared to other states. Also, the education level of potential employees is below average. These two factors do put a large dent on Idaho's scoring. So, why is Idaho sitting on our 3rd best place to start a business in? First, Idaho has a low cost of living. This is critical as new businesses can prolong their burn time as long as possible. Also, Idaho offers the 6th best ‘opportunity share’ of new and budding entrepreneurs in the entire country.

2. Massachusetts

In the tax climate category, Massachusetts only scores an average. Also, the startup activity isn't that high. However, Massachusetts’ GDP per capita is well above average, which rewards handsomely for businesses with high productivity. Also, the state offers the 3rd highest education level to available employees. These two factors easily offset Massachusetts' downsides, which is why it landed the 2nd place in our list.

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1. California

California sits on the number one spot on our list. It has its fair share of negative factors such as the high cost of living and high business tax climate. However, California holds the 4th position for the highest rate of fresh entrepreneurs, which tells you that the state is still able to nurture entrepreneurs despite the downsides. Also, the state holds the 6th place for startup density. The local culture is conducive for entrepreneurs which makes it a bit easier compared to other states.