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Snapchat is now offering app install campaigns. Facebook and Instagram, on the other hand, have already succeeded in this area.

Lots of people, especially mobile game studios and app publishers, are wondering whether advertising on Snapchat is worth it. The short answer is yes. Given how serious the app is regarding the growth of their ad business, it certainly is a good venue to showcase new or updated apps.

Snapchat is among the fastest growing and most popular social media platforms today. In fact, it is not just growing in the US and in Europe, but also in other parts of the world. From discovering the content of friends’ stories to chatting and calling people up, the app aims to be the place where people share and communicate their lives to each-other.

Snapchat is not just fun to use, but it also innovates continuously. Between the creativity and the “flashy style” of users’ snaps, Snapchat users know the exact ways to create trends and differentiate themselves.

Now, Snapchat is making a move against Facebook by targeting its main source of revenue: app install ads. The app install ads are to help advertisers in leveraging their platform, which means Snapchat is proving itself to not just be all about fun. A lot of people think that Snapchat will continue to lose its users, but it seems like the app is here to stay. It’s also a great place to target the younger generations, especially the infamous millennials.

On Instagram and Facebook, your profile will be seen when you advertise. With Snapchat, this is not the case. This means you just have to optimize your target audience and create a creative promotional video to give it a try.

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Targeting on Snapchat may be not as evolved compared to Instagram or Facebook, but its true strength lies in the fact that advertisers can target users by age, location, gender, operating system, device, type of content, what users engage with, or mobile network carrier.

In addition, Snapchat allows targeting using look-alike audiences, as well as the use of other data sources and email databases.

Snapchat is also working on what they call “sequential messaging.” This feature targets users who were already engaged with previous ads.

As for measuring the performance of Snapchat ads, it is still quite a challenge. However, this is where the app install campaigns come in. The “click through and install” rates of Snapchat ads are now easier to measure.

Internal Data of Snapchat showed that its swipe up rate is at least five times higher in comparison to comparable platforms’ click through rate.

According to Manning Field of Acorn mobile app, they have found their install rates to be 40% higher than compared to Facebook. Snapchat may exhibit more expensive ads, but it also provides a much higher download rate. Snapchat’s “swipe up” interaction proved to be more engaging when compared to clicks. This is especially true since Snapchat users are already accustomed to swiping.