The 69-year-old Kentucky physician who was dragged from one of the flights of United Airlines ignited an outrage over the man’s treatment. The CEO of the airline issued another apology and claims that a thorough review has already been ordered.

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Last Monday, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz issued a public apology. Munoz said that the airline is currently investigating. He accused the physician, Dr. David Dao, of being belligerent and disruptive in a letter that was seen by the NBC News. Since the criticism kept on mounting, Munoz was forced to tell the employees of United Airlines last Tuesday that the company will make it right no matter the cost amid the public relations tailspin.

“Just like you, I’m also continually disturbed as to what transpired on this flight. I give my sincerest apologies to the man who was forcibly removed, as well as to the customers aboard the same flight,” said Munoz.

“I already gave my commitment to my employees and to our customers that we will fix what has been broken. I will do all that I can to ensure that this will never happen again. I have ordered a thorough investigation of the crew movement, including the policies of United Airlines for incentivizing volunteers for such instances. I will also investigate how the company handles oversold situations, as well as examine how we can partner with local law enforcement and airport authorities,” exclaimed Munoz.

The brutality of the crew of United Airlines has been captured on video. The flight was from Chicago and was planned to head to Louisville. Dao, as well as three other people, were selected randomly to get off of the oversold plane before it takes off because the extra crew needs accommodation.

Last Tuesday, the Dao family’s attorney made a statement and said that the family is truly grateful for the love and support everyone gave for the family. However, at this time, they are asking for their privacy.

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“Dr. Dao’s family wants the entire world to know that they are appreciative of the outpouring concern, support, and prayers that they have received. As of now, they are only focused on the treatment and medical care of Dr. Dao,” said Chicago attorney, Stephen L. Golan. Golan is one of the lawyers that will represent the Dao family.
In a statement, the attorneys of Dr. Dao said that the family is asking for their privacy and they won’t be making statements and conducting interviews until Dr. Dao has regained his strength.

Eyewitnesses said that Dao told the crew that he is a doctor which is why he should not be leaving the plane. He had to get home because he needed to see his patients the day after. Still, he was pulled out of his chair. He fell, hit his head on one of the armrests which caused it to bleed. Chicago police has already conducted their own investigation.

The men that removed Dr. Dao were unarmed security officers together with the Aviation Chicago Department.