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Apple can write a check for just about anything it pleases. Recently, the company is in the works of writing an astounding 5 billion dollar check for the construction of its new campus located in Cupertino, California. Take note: this is not your average campus. As a matter of fact, you can call it the iPhone of all campuses. It has been reported that the campus will house almost 4 miles of curved glass that will wrap around the building to give it a futuristic look similar to a spaceship. Just right in the middle of the building will be what they call as the “airy ring.” This area will involve thousands of trees in different species. The 300 species will be flown in from different parts of the world.

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David Muffly, the chief arborist of Apple, said that the idea of Apple was to bring back California to Cupertino. The corporate campus will surely be a thing of wonder and beauty. However, the entire green space will only be for the employees of the company. If you live in Cupertino, you are either excited or dreading the launch of this new office. For those who are excited, they have a reason to be because the new campus will bring in lots of jobs for the residents of the area. The downside: Apple’s massive building will add to the traffic congestion. It will also make the housing issue of Bay Area even worse.

Source: 9 to 5 Mac

The brand new headquarters of Apple is almost complete. It will soon be called the Apple Park. In a statement that the company released, Apple said that it will take half a year to move thousands of employees into the new campus. The construction of the parklands and buildings of Apple Park is scheduled to continue through summer.

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Aside from the hefty price tag, we have listed down all the things you need to know about the new headquarters of Apple:

  1. The ring-shaped building of Apple Park is 2.8 million sq ft. It will be built entirely of curved glass panels.
  2. There will be an auditorium that can accommodate 1,000 people. The auditorium is set to be named after Steve Jobs, Apple’s late co-founder. Steve Jobs theater will sit on a hill, overlooking the entire campus.
  3. The new headquarters will also include a center for visitors complete with a cafe and an Apple Store. This part of the compound will be open to everyone.
  4. If you are an Apple employee and you are assigned at Apple Park, you will get serious perks. In the campus, there’s a 100,000 sq ft fitness center, parklands, and secure R&D facilities. Keep in mind that the parklands will offer miles of running and walking paths.
  5. The main building of the campus is energy-efficient. It will be powered entirely by renewable energy. It will also run on an on-site solar power installation.
  6. The campus will require no air conditioning or heating for nine months a year. It will be one of the largest naturally ventilated buildings in the world.