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Hulu has unveiled a new live TV service that is set to provide competition for cable. The new service will come at $39.99 a month. The service dubbed Hulu with Live TV will just work as a cable or satellite TV package but the only difference will be the fact that the service will be offered through the internet. Users can also stream it on their phones, smart TVs, and tablets. Hulu is looking to offer a perfect blend of live TV and on-demand service.

Users with the live TV package will also be able to access all the content available on Hulu’s $7.99 package. Hulu users who want to try out the live TV service and are already subscribed to the $7.99 plan will pay $32.99. Ben Smith, senior VP at Hulu, said that the new service is about flexibility. He added that users shouldn’t have to worry whether something is live, on demand or even recorded. They don’t even have to worry about what device they are using. They should be able to get whatever content they want anytime. The live TV package blended with Hulu on demand services will help make this flexibility a reality. Hulu has said that the package will feature 50 great channels.

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The online streaming service has made deals with four major broadcast networks for the 50 channels including Fox, ABC, NBC, and CBS. The entry of CBS, in particular, has been quite interesting since the network has not been present in many online streaming packages in the recent times. The $39.99 package will give you access to four of these networks as well as all the other cable channels that they own. However, there seems to be an issue with local affiliate stations which may not be available in a few markets due to difficult copyrights deals.
According to analysts, the package is really a great bargain, especially when you consider the wide variety of available content that you’ll be getting for the $39.99. In addition to this, the package has done well to offer more sports and news channels which is a big plus for live TV. In case you are in it for the sports, you can also access leading sports channels such as ESPN, NBC, Fox Sports, TNT, and CBS. As for those of you who want to stay abreast with what is happening in the world, you will get a great pool of news channels including CNN and Fox News.

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There is also the argument that Hulu has really pulled off a massive addition after making a deal with Turner. This will allow the subscribers of the live TV package to access Turner channels like CNN, TBS, and TNT. The deal will give Hulu some level of competitive edge in the market considering YouTube’s live TV package at $35 doesn’t have the Turner channels. In case you are looking for something beyond sports and news, there is still more channels to be had. The package will also feature the Food Network, Bravo, FX, USA, E!, and also the National Geographic. One disadvantage though is that Hulu didn’t manage to make a deal with AMC and Viacom. So that just means Comedy Central lovers may have to look elsewhere. Nonetheless, it’s still a great entertainment bundle for the price.