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The interest of Apple in creating cars dates back to 2008. This was when Tony Fadell and Steve Jobs discussed the idea. Apple’s secret program, Project Titan, has been known to be gearing up to create the ‘Apple car.’ However, things may have changed recently.

Apple has already released reports that it is looking into the idea again. Of course, Apple staff members refuse to make a statement regarding the specifics of Apple’s plans. Late last year, the company fired hundreds of employees that were working on Project Titan. To analysts and observers, they interpreted this as a periodic experiment of Apple. To them, Apple may have considered the idea and worked on it for a little while. When it saw what it takes to build its own car, it then decided to halt the research.

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Still, that does not instantly mean that Apple completely lost interest in developing cars. They are, as what it appears, approaching the entire project from a totally different angle.

As a matter of fact, Sam Shead of Business Insider discovered as of late that Apple has a secret office in Berlin. According to sources, the office is devoted largely to transportation from the fact that the engineers Apple hired there are from car companies. There are also some professionals who have been tasked to work on mapping projects.

So, this is where we ask if Apple is really working on a car concept or not.

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Apple makes use of machine learning in making services and products more personal, intuitive, and smart. As we all know, the company continually invests in studying automation and machine learning. The company is also excited about incorporating automated systems in our daily lives, which includes transportation.

A report has been circulating which suggested that Apple ceased all work on making an actual car. Instead, the team has been working on a “platform.”

Apple is better off being an outright competitor of Tesla in a self-driving platform. Steven Milunovich, UBS analyst, suggested that something quite similar is being looked upon by Apple. However, it is also broader.

It is likely that Project Titan is a transportation platform. This means it’s an entire experience, instead of just being a car. The concept revolves around the idea that a vehicle is an environment. To Apple, it is one that has to feel like home, especially from the fact that the car will now be left to do the actual driving.

When you think about it, it won’t be hard for the company to replicate the HomeKit/smart speaker/iPad experience as the product that will operate and control your car. It’ll also give you a similar iOS-like interface that you can use to communicate with.

In other words, Apple’s platform will be a car’s user interface. It won’t just control the car’s autonomous driving features. Instead, it’ll also control and improve the in-car environment.

Apple does not only plan to create its own car, but also the gadgets that will be incorporated into it. One single platform will be tasked with controlling every single aspect within the car.