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The rivalry between Apple and Android seems unending and there is no doubt that the battle for consumers has been raging on for quite some time. Apple is at it again and this time around the company is looking to lure phone users from other platforms in. Well this time Apple is targeting Android users, not Windows as most people would have thought. Apple confirmed on Tuesday that it had launched a brand new website whose sole purpose will be to try and convince people who are on the Android platform to make the switch to Apple.

The website is a simple platform where Android users will get links to websites where they can buy an Apple phone. The website will also have links showing reasons why Android users should consider Apple plus an additional guide on how easy the transition will be for them. It’s a shrewd move by the iPhone maker, one that clearly underlines the kind of competition today in the mobile phone market. One of the examples we found on the website was quite interesting.

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It was more of a FAQ and it almost inevitably read “Will it be easy to switch to iPhone”. Of course, the answer was yes! In fact, Apple went on to add that users did not need to save their stuff anywhere else if they needed to make the switch. It’s as simple as downloading the iOS switch app from the Google Play Store. All the content in your phone will be transferred to your new iOS phone if you decide to switch. It’s not really the first time Apple is trying to eat into Android’s market share. This has been part of an ongoing strategy.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has always been keen on throwing out the stats to the public about the “massive” number of people who are switching from Android to Apple. There is no doubt that this is one of the metrics the company watches because there is so much value in it. Besides, if Apple can get even a small share of the Android market, it will surely be on course to become the most dominant platform in the world, if it’s not there yet. In addition to this, this is the second website that has been created by Apple to lure customers in. The first one though was not as effective and has since been taken down. The company had also launched the “Move to iOS” app for Android.

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The app was simply created to facilitate the switch from Android to iOS. Apple also did the same thing in the 2000s only at that time it targeted Windows users. The campaign dubbed “Get a Mac” was designed to persuade people to switch from Windows PC to Mac. There are two big questions though that need to be addressed. The first one is whether indeed the new website will work. In addition to this, what kind of pushback should we expect from Android? All the answers will, of course, be revealed in the coming months.