The news feed of every Facebook user is different as it’s populated with a set of stories that are unique – from videos and photos to links and GIFs. Since there are many types of available stories, each feed has now been made more complex than it was before. In order for Facebook to make the news feed section easier to navigate and read, as well as more conversational, the social media giant will make quite a few updates on the app's design in the upcoming weeks. These changes will be discussed in detail below.

Facebook and Instagram are getting some major redesigns. Source: Archie

Better Conversations

Facebook is incessantly working to help its users have more expressive and lively conversations in its social networking platform. In the past years, comments have become the place where people discuss their opinions on other people’s posts. Users also consider the comment section as the place where they engage in conversations. In the upcoming update of the Facebook app, it will be easier to see what comment is a direct reply to another person.

Improved Readability

These redesigns are to increase readability and encourage conversations. Source: Deccan Chronicle

Facebook also plans to update and refresh the News Feed’s look. We can expect an increase in color contrast, which will make typography more legible. Also, there will be larger link previews in order to make everything much easier to read. As for the buttons, like, share, and comment, they will be easier to tap as they will be bigger. Circular profile pictures will also be displayed in order to feature who’s commenting or posting.

Easier Navigation

Facebook plans to change how people navigate the News Feed section in order to provide a more fun and consistent experience. To achieve this, Facebook will try to give a glimpse of what a particular link will lead to before it’s clicked or opened by a user. You'll also be seeing whose post you are reacting to, reading, or commenting on while you are in the post. Last but not the least, it will now be easier to return to the News Feed section when you want to or once you have finished reading. This is done by a back button which is made more prominent.

Facebook has assured its users that the new design updates won't have any effect on the referral traffic or reach of "Pages."

Some experts are wondering about the ethics behind these design updates. Source: Adweek

Design Ethics

As Instagram and Facebook restyle themselves for the purpose of boosting usage, one particular question arises which revolves around design ethics. Will a better mousetrap prove to be more beneficial to society? Instagram and Facebook, both running under the same company, allow friend groups and communities to further grow their bonds. However, will the sentimental entertainment and fruitful exchange pave the way to endless and mindless scrolling?

According to Tristan Harris, Google's former design ethicist, over-optimization for social network engagement has created apps, which are most certainly addictive. It's also come to the point where they are destructive. However, Facebook says that it only cares about the experience of its users.