Last week, Google launched its newest site, Startup with Google, which will bring together the resources of the company for startups and their founders. In just a single package, Google provides the best practices, proven tools, and access to an entire community of support and mentorship.

Startup with Google is a free site for startup businesses. Source: YouTube

As the name suggests, the focus is on Google’s tools, initiatives, and services. You can think of everything from Android Studio and Firebase to Google's cloud security tools as well as Google Analytics. This useful site will also highlight events and accelerators that are sponsored by Google and implemented by third parties.

The Features of Startup with Google


Startup with Google will give you access to 39 practical tools in several categories such as Increase Productivity, Build a Product, Monetize Your Products, Get Insights, Analytics, etc. A few of the tools include Data Studio, AdMob, Google Trends, G Suite, Webmaster Guide, and Firebase.

The tools and resources on the site are incredibly beneficial to any startup. Source: Tech

Best Practices

Listed under Best Practices, Google gives other categories that include some of its resources that will help a startup in being better at hiring manpower, growing revenue, understanding its customers, raising funds, and more.

If you already know which resources you’d like to check out, all you have to do is click the "View All" option on both Best Practices and Tools. Doing so will let you jump straight to all of the resources that you want to use. There will be no need for you to find out what type of aspects you can use the resources for.

Besides listing helpful articles and more tools, the resource will also list the videos that are on YouTube which Google thinks will help you with your goal. If you do your own exploration on the tab Grow Revenue, you'll see that it will showcase videos of experts that are sharing tips and tricks on revenue growth. There’s also "Watch 2017 Google Demo Day."

Startup with Google is definitely worth taking a look at if you plan on starting a business. Source: YouTube


News about Google’s accelerators, which will help startups get to where they are headed faster, will be parked here. If you consider yourself an opportunistic player on startups, you will find something that will interest you.

The community's main purpose is to support and mentor startup founders at every stage. The internet giant is running and collaborating with leading accelerator programs, coworking spaces, and events which will help startups do the best in their respective fields. The community will also inform you on upcoming events and programs that you might want to take part on.

Although innovation will inherently require you to live with uncertainty, the startup community, thanks to Google, is now a bit more predictable when it comes to the steps on how you can change the world.