As an entrepreneur, there’s a huge chance that you were once an employee, but working for other people has already lost its appeal to you. What you want now is to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself, follow your dreams, and work on projects that you care about.

This is definitely what almost all of us want, but starting your own business can be expensive and risky. In order to mitigate problems, we sought out to compile a list of ten highly rated franchises that are not only affordable but have proven to provide tremendous support and growth potential.

1. Cruise Planners

Cruise Planners is a home-based travel agent network. Source: Family Cruising

Initial investment: USD$2,095 to USD$22,867

Initial franchise fee: USD$495 to USD$10,495

New units for the year 2016: 361

You may have already guessed what the company provides. This franchise opportunity is excellent in letting you dip your toes in the water while having crucial guidance and assistance as you do so. Cruise Planners is a home-based travel agent network that provides full-service travel packages.

2. Dream Vacations

Initial investment: USD$3,245 to USD$21,850

Initial franchise fee: USD$495 to USD$9,800

New units for the year 2016: 80

Dream Vacations, just like Cruise Planners, is a home-based travel agency network. The travel agency offers discounted investment prices to those who have served military service. If you are a military veteran, we suggest you research whether the company can offer you a discounted price.

3. Chester's

Initial investment: USD$8,639 to USD$296,598

Initial franchise fee: USD$3,500

New units for the year 2016: -1 unit

Chester's offers a wide range of initial investments. You can choose to invest as low as $8,000 or as much as $300,000. Depending on your plans and current assets, there’s a chance that you will be allowed to open a franchise in a new location with only cashing out four or five figures.

4. Property Management Inc.

Initial investment: USD$19,850 to USD$86,800

Initial franchise fee: USD$15,000 to USD$45,000

New units for the year 2016: 49

Property Management Inc. processes rent payments, finds tenants for many rental properties, and provides inspections among others. Basically, you will work as a landlord who's flexible and can collaborate with several real estate agents, property owners, etc.

5. Dale Carnegie Training

Dale Carnegie Training helps teach leaders important skills. Source: HP Development

Initial investment: USD$19,700 to USD$174,500

Initial franchise fee: USD$10,000 to USD$30,000

New units for the year 2016: 4

Are you passionate about education and teaching? If yes, then a franchise of Dale Carnegie Training will be a good investment for you. This franchise will help build leaders as it will teach them important business subjects such as sales, investment, leadership, and self-improvement.

6. Buildingstars International

Initial investment: USD$2,245 to USD$53,200

Initial franchise fee: USD$995 to USD$46,995

New units for the year 2016: 41

Buildingstars International offers three investment paths, namely the technician who will work part-time, the corporate manager who'll take on a much greater share of revenue and responsibility, and the on-site manager who'll oversee a big team and large buildings.

7. SuperGlass Windshield Repair

SuperGlass Windshield Repair focuses on scratch removal and winshield repair. Source: Superglass Shreveport

Initial investment: USD$9,910 to USD$31,000

Initial franchise fee: USD$9,500 to USD$28,500

New units for the year 2016: 6

The company concentrates on three aspects: scratch removal, headlight restoration, and windshield repair. If you want to work with cars, then this is definitely a good idea for you.

8. Coffee News

Initial investment: USD$9,750 to USD$10,750

Initial franchise fee: USD$8,500

New units for the year 2016: -1 unit

Coffee News, a weekly publication, is distributed among coffee shops, local restaurants, and hotels. The publication contains jokes and news stories. The company makes money by contacting local businesses and convincing them to purchase ad spots.

9. Padgett Business Services

Initial investment: USD$20,200 to USD$99,975

Initial franchise fee: USD$15,000 to USD$56,000

New units for the year 2016: -7 units

This franchise offers business advice, tax advice, and payroll solutions. If you are an accountant and you are looking to work for yourself, we recommend you consider this as an investment.

10. Christmas Decor

Initial investment: USD$19,550 to USD$62,250

Initial franchise fee: USD$11,400 to USD$31,900

New units for the year 2016: 10

Christmas Décor offers holiday decorating services. This franchise focuses only on one holiday - Christmas - therefore, it’s seasonal. This may be a good or bad thing, depending on what you are looking for on an investment.