Google’s job search feature allows you to easily find jobs posted online. Source: Business Insider

If you have been busy looking for a job, the search is about to get easier. Google, the leading search engine company, has announced the launch of a job search feature on its search engine.

The feature will allow people to easily find jobs posted on leading job platforms including LinkedIn, WayUp, Monster, CareerBuilder, Direct Employers, and even Facebook. Search results will also include job postings that will be found on the websites of various companies.

The search feature is designed to allow people to see the jobs that are available without having to scroll through many job sites. All you need to do is type a query like “Jobs near me” or “Writing Jobs” and you will be good to go.

If you want, you can further refine your query to suit your skills. Whether you are looking for full-time jobs or short-term contracts, the search feature will be able to provide options for you to explore.

The new feature is not a job site; it’s for searching only. Source: Business Insider

While equating job searching to dating, Nick Zakrasek, the head of product development at Google said that every person has unique preferences when searching for a job and that various job openings will always be looking for a unique person.

Google is confident that its search feature will allow people to find jobs they are uniquely qualified for and those that are aligned with their unique preferences. The tech giant also wants to remove various duplications found on multiple job sites.

The search engine will filter listings and categorize them in specific categories too. It will all work in a very simple way. Once you enter the query and click search, various listings will be shown.

Clicking on whatever listing you want will lead you to the main website where the job was posted so that you can apply. If the job has been posted on multiple sites, the search engine will redirect you to the website that has the most complete posting.

Google’s job search engine will not be competing with sites like Monster. Source: Search Engine Land

However, Google has made it clear that the search engine is not a jobs site. The search engine will not compete with sites like Monster or CareerBuilder. There are also no immediate plans to allow employers to post jobs directly on the search engine platform. The feature is all about searching and that’s it.

Conal Thomson, CTO at Monster, one of the major jobs site, noted that the new job search feature by Google is a welcomed addition to the industry. While acknowledging that it will pose some challenges that will require some measure of readjustment for jobs sites, Thomson was quick to note that the feature allows people to access job listings across various sectors and this is one of the core competencies of Monster.

It will be interesting to see how successful the new feature will be and whether Google will explore other strategies to improve the searcher’s experience in the near future. Nonetheless, it’s a great addition in the job search market and many people will look forward to using it.