Consumers are not as happy with Apple as they used to be. Source: High Snobiety

Apple is one of the most dominant tech companies in the US. For many years it had held the title of the favorite tech company among Americans. But things are now changing – the tech giant has lost its place. A new survey by The Verge sought to find out America’s favorite tech company. The survey showed that Apple has lost ground with Amazon and Google taking over the scene.

The reason for this can be explained by many factors. However, many see this as a case of Apple shooting itself in the foot. For example, the removal of the headphones jack on the iPhone 7 was a largely unpopular decision. The smartphone maker also removed ports on its 2016 MacBook Pro. These design changes on some of its popular products appear to have disgruntled a lot of fans around the country.

Google and Amazon have taken over as America’s favorite tech companies. Source: YouTube

There’s also the issue of high prices. Take for example the iPhone X that’s going for $999. Although you can argue that it has many futuristic features, the $999 starting price tag on a smartphone is a little bit off the norm. It’s very likely that many of Apple’s regular fans have felt a bit disappointed with these hefty device prices.

The survey interviewed 1,520 participants. Each of the participants was asked a few questions regarding tech companies in the US. However, when they were asked how much they enjoyed using products and services from the major technology companies, an aggregation of responses showed that Apple came in last.

In the same survey, some technology companies appeared to have struck a good impression among consumers. Some of the notable companies that scored very well include Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Apple, however, did relatively better when it came to recommendations and referrals. Participants in the survey were asked if they would recommend various products and services offered by these tech companies to a friend or a family member. From the responses, Apple came in third.

While Apple may not be the favorite anymore, its sales haven’t dropped much. Source: The Verge

Although from this survey it looks like Apple has lost some of its charm towards consumers, the company’s sales haven’t really suffered. For example, even with the $999 price tag, the iPhone X sold out in just a few minutes.

The issue of trust is also becoming very central among consumers of technology products and services. The Verge survey indicated that trust towards Apple dropped behind Google. This is interesting because Google has always been open to the fact that it continues to use customer data in its targeted ads campaigns.

The survey did not, however, explore the reasons why the participants interviewed felt that Apple was not as trustworthy as Google or Amazon. Despite this, Apple still remains a big tech company and its loyal consumer base will continue to identify with its products and services moving forward.