AI can boost worker productivity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way we work: a recent study conducted by Stanford and MIT revealed that it can boost worker productivity by up to 14%.

This groundbreaking experiment measured the productivity of customer support agents at a Fortune 500 enterprise software firm over a year and found that the use of AI tools to create conversational scripts improved the production of the tech support agents per hour by an average of 14%.

The Impact of AI on Worker Productivity

Stanford and MIT’s study found that AI assistance improved customer satisfaction, reduced requests for managerial intervention, and improved employee retention. This technology is especially helpful for "novice and low-skilled workers" who were able to get their work done 35% faster.

However, according to the study, AI won't replace workers – not too soon. It will rather help them multitask and handle more complicated questions faster.

And What About the Future?

According to experts, AI tools could impact workers' performance in the future, potentially affecting up to two-thirds of current jobs.

Businesses are already experiencing the positive effects of Artificial Intelligence, with nearly 70% of LinkedIn's Top Companies saying that AI has made them faster and smarter. Some companies even list AI use as one of their top three hiring priorities.

As AI continues transforming the workplace, workers must embrace this technology and learn to use it to their advantage. A Goldman Sachs report suggests that generative AI could raise global GDP by up to 7%, indicating that those who work with AI will replace those who don't.

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