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Did you know? Google has abruptly pulled the plug on its much-hyped Pixel Pass, leaving high and dry the subscribers who were eagerly anticipating a two-year phone upgrade!

Initially lauded for its innovative subscription model, the Pixel Pass service now finds itself prematurely relegated to the annals of Google's history, without following its core promise of providing biennial phone upgrades to its subscribers.

The termination was a twist no one saw coming, and you will find out why by reading this article.

Out Of The Blue: The Sudden End Of Pixel Pass

In 2021, Google rolled out the Pixel Pass, calling it a subscription program for the Pixel 6 series. This monthly package combined superior mobile services, device protection, and scheduled device upgrades.

Google's ambitious venture was widely recognized as a progressive leap in phone services, and its subscribers were guaranteed routine phone upgrades every two years. However, this assurance will remain unfulfilled due to the abrupt termination of the service.

The unforeseen discontinuation has left Pixel owners scratching their heads. Also, those who had placed their bets on Pixel Pass for their biennial phone upgrade now find themselves scrambling for alternatives.

The expected regular updates and seamless services have been abruptly cut short, leaving subscribers without a chance to reap its benefits. Now, while the exact reasons for this unexpected termination remain shrouded in mystery, it's undeniable that subscribers are left feeling cheated.

Subscribers Are Not Happy With The Termination

Pixel Pass subscribers, while not being stripped of exclusive benefits, are expressing discontent. Some are disgruntled about having to give up their lower rates from Google Play Music to join Play Pass, while others are anxious about losing access to services they enjoyed.

The Pixel Pass' promise of a hassle-free upgrade process after two years has been thrown into uncertainty – especially with Google announcing the launch of the Pixel 8 lineup. The assurance of "regular device upgrades" that were part of Pixel Pass is no longer a reality, even for early Pixel 6 adopters.

What Now?

Despite discontinuing Pixel Pass, Google continues to offer 0 percent APR financing through Google Fi or the Google Store. However, maintaining the Pixel Pass package post-expiry is not an option. While Google is not offering refunds to subscribers, the company is fulfilling its two-year promise by offering a $ 100 loyalty reward to all active subscribers.

Pixel Pass subscribers through the Google Store will receive a $ 100 Google Store credit, while those through Google Fi Wireless will receive a $ 100 coupon code for Pixel device purchases.

The termination of Pixel Pass has created a gap in the phone services sector. Meanwhile, people are wondering if Google can keep its promises or not. While a $100 credit is not insignificant, it is a disappointment for those subscribers who saw their deal change abruptly near the end of their two-year subscription.