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Pornhub strides in the direction of the stringent measures needed to ensure a safer and more responsible use of their services. Following a series of past controversies, the platform is implementing a new requirement: Proof of consent and ID submissions from all actors in the videos uploaded.

The content verification itself has been required since December 2020, a change sparked by a scathing New York Times article highlighting the prevalence of child abuse material on the site that led to Pornhub removing all unverified content and introducing a new set of rules.

However, the new verification process involves ID image uploads and real-time face scanning. Read more!

Increased Stringency And Pornhub's Commitment To Safety

Traditionally, Pornhub models maintained records, such as release forms and ID photos, of all individuals featured in their videos. However, a recent update added a new prerequisite: models must submit the IDs of their co-performers for approval before uploading a video featuring a new individual.

The platform also requires the submission of proof of consent.

In an email to models, Pornhub clarified, "As of January 23, 2024, we will require proof of consent, like signed release forms, when you add a new co-performer to your model account.", making clear its commitment to trust and safety.

Another email, sent to Mashable, says: "As industry pioneers, we consistently set new, higher standards for trust and safety policies and procedures", indicating that there may be other future enhancements to their co-performer verification requirements.

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Regional Restrictions In Response To Age-Verification Laws

Also recently, the platform garnered attention by blocking access from U.S. states opposed to age-verification laws, mandating viewers to upload their IDs to access explicit content. The states currently affected include Utah, Mississippi, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Montana. No further information was brought to light during the last few days until this publication.

Anyway, to deal with the challenges posed by user-generated content online, it is clear that Pornhub is making significant changes to its content processing and acceptance methodologies.