The middle class tends to pile up credit card debt. Source: CNBC

Families that belong to the middle class are always under pressure financially due to the limited income they generate and having too many responsibilities. These families, eventually, won't have enough money to pay for their kids' college or retire by the time they turn 60.

In order to relieve yourself from stress and improve your financial situation, we've listed the most basic money mistakes middle-class families make so you can deliberately avoid them.

Piling Excess Debts

The people who are always borrowing money, may it be from family, friends or financial institutions, are the ones that belong to the middle class. The sad part is this: they don't realize its significance. People borrow money in order to settle their wants and needs. As the debts pile up, there will be little to nothing left as they have to repay what they owe every single month.

In developed countries, credit cards are rampant. Because of this, people simply swipe away their cards for everything that they think they need. This results in extraordinary debts piling up, which are very hard to get settled.

Stay away from credit cards and only spend what you have. Source: Red Book Mag

To avoid making the same mistake, stay away from debts. If you are borrowing money to make even more money then that's a good choice. However, borrowing money that will only add to your long list of liabilities should be avoided at all costs.

Having No Plan for Retirement

Most people don't have any retirement plans. They choose to live in the present because they think retirement is a long-term undertaking. Having a solid retirement plan means safeguarding your future. To plan for the future, the first step you should take is to get out of the terrible rat race.

Buying Unnecessary Things

If you look closely at successful companies, you would realize that they are marketing their products and services around the wants of consumers rather than their needs. These companies appeal to the fantasies of the masses and use brilliant campaigns which entice people to settle those appealing wants rather than their core needs.

When you place your wants over your needs, you're just activating misplaced priorities. This has a negative effect on your financial situation. The rat race is never a good place to be in, so get out quickly by spending more on what you need rather than what you want.

Spending Every Cent

Be sure to put some money aside for an emergency fund. Source: Man Cavin

Most people have no savings at all. What they do once they receive their monthly salary is pay their debts and spend everything that's left. They make no effort in putting out a certain amount of money for an emergency fund.

If you don't have any money stashed for emergency purposes, you will be in a lot of trouble when unexpected emergencies hit you. Also, you won't be able to hop on a sudden opportunity that will come your way. Until middle-class families learn how to put aside a certain percentage of their monthly income, they'd find it very difficult to break free from financial trouble.

Sending Their Kids to Expensive Schools

Parents want only the best for their children. We understand this but you are just threatening the financial future of your family if you are sending your kids to expensive schools that you can hardly afford.

Instead of enrolling them in expensive schools, put them instead in schools that have a good reputation but will charge you a modest fee.