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President Donald Trump has named his new National Security Adviser, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster just a week after Mr. Flynn left the post. According to Trump, McMaster is a highly respected man and everyone in the military respects him.

Mr. Michael Flynn resigned just a week ago amid accusations that he intentionally misled Vice-President Mike Pence, as well as a handful of senior officials regarding his communications with Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak.

Another military man that was one of the top contenders for the National Security Adviser post, Robert Harward, deliberately turned down the offer made by Trump last week.

“Keith Kellogg, the president’s acting National Security Adviser, will remain as chief of staff of the National Security Council,” said Sean Spicer.

In his Florida resort, Trump conducted a news conference and told the media that former U.N. Ambassador, John Bolton, will be working with his administration. Pres. Trump stressed that Bolton will be working in a “different capacity.” Bolton has unyielding views about Iraq’s capacity to use the weapons they have for mass destruction. His views made him polarized under the presidency of former Pres. George W. Bush. Trump reportedly thought about hiring Bolton as the United States Deputy Secretary of State. However, he did not give any details regarding the matter during the conference.

There were also reports about Trump labelling McMaster as a “defence intellectual and a warrior.” Apparently, many agree to Trump’s view on McMaster as he has the reputation for being a reasonable and brilliant leader. It is also said that he understands both soft and hard power. Republican lawmakers also approved of Pres. Trump’s decision to name McMaster as the National Security Adviser. According to some of them, the man has genuine intellect and he questions the status quo.

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McMaster holds a military history Ph.D. from the prestigious University of North Carolina. In 1998, he published a book titled, Dereliction of Duty. The said book contains the US’s strategy in Vietnam and its critical history.

McMaster has also served the Army for several years and has a decorated career being an Army officer. In the Persian Gulf War, McMaster was young but he was already a tank commander during the biggest battle of the war. After a decade, he blocked several insurgent routes in Tal Afar, both going in and out. This was during the war in Iraq which McMaster served as a commanding officer in the Third Cavalry Regiment. The success of McMaster as a military man earned him praises not just from his fellow officers but also from former Pres. Bush himself.

During a news conference, the new National Security Adviser called the appointment as a privilege. He said that he was grateful for the opportunity to join the national security team and will do all he can in order to protect and advance the interests of the American people.