Source: Fox News

Former Pres. Bush commented on Trump’s first month as a President during the first in-depth interview he had since Trump’s inauguration. During the said interview, he addressed Trump’s controversial policy, his war with the press, as well as the hacking scandal with Russia.

According to Bush, the free press is ‘indispensable to democracy.’ The former commander-in-chief expressed his support for the country’s media. “We need a media that’s independent in order for people like me to be held into account.”

Bush added by saying that power is ‘very addictive’ and it can also be corrosive. The media has to be given freedom so those who are in power won’t be able to abuse it.

Bush was asked regarding the role of the media in light of Trump’s characterization of the press as being the enemy of America. The former President noted that he had spent a considerable amount of time during his presidency trying to persuade the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, to adopt an independent press.

“It is very hard to convince other people to maintain an independent, free press especially when we, ourselves, are not willing to embrace one,” he said.
In the same interview, Bush addressed the issue regarding Russian hackers and the role of Trump’s advisers to the controversy. The allegation that Russians tried to manipulate the latest election left us all at the edge of our seats for answers. Bush is not sure which avenue to take. However, he is for certain that the question has to be answered sooner or later.

Bush was also asked to address his take on Trump’s executive order which was to ban immigrants from seven Muslim nations. He answered with: “I am all for a policy on immigration but it has to be welcoming and it has to uphold the law.”

Source: The Hill

After probably the most controversial and contentious decision in American history, Bush won the president election 17 years ago. He took office right after the Supreme Court ruled over the dispute to recount the election results in Florida.

As of late, Bush is promoting his new book titled Portraits of Courage. The book is a collection of the portraits he has with the country’s military veterans. Portraits of Courage is a tribute to American warriors and the proceeds will all be donated to GW Bush Presidential Center, which is a non-profit organization aiming to help post-September 11 veterans, as well as their families in making successful transitions to the civilian life.

“My sole intention of selling books is to raise enough money that will help the vets of our country,” he said. Bush expressed ‘great pride’ that he met the veterans that are featured in his book. During the interview, he brought along with him four vets whose photographs are in the book. The portraits are now on display at the presidential center named after Bush in Dallas, Texas.