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An internal strategy review of the White House on options with North Korea included the possibility of a regime change and military force to counter the nuclear-weapons threat of North Korea. This prospect, according to WSJ, had everyone waiting in anticipation. As a matter of fact, US allies are on the edge as of the moment. The review came amid recent events that strained regional stability. Last month, North Korea sent the Sea of Japan a ballistic missile.

The half-brother of Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, was assassinated while in Malaysia.
The WSJ added that many US officials underscored military dimensions to their strategy during their several discussions with allies. This suggested that the US was advancing its planning on the counter.

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President Donald Trump reassured allies that the agreements underpinning decades of policy in Asia won’t be abandoned.

Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, attended a two-day summit with Pres. Trump and other US officials last February. As reported by a person present during the summit, discussions were made regarding all the options that can be taken to answer North Korea’s threats. One thing is clear, and that is the fact that the United States and its allies won’t back down from any fight.

Nevertheless, Japan considers any launch in Pyongyang as worrisome, especially when it is sure to happen when the US military strikes on North Korea.

Two weeks ago, Deputy National Security Adviser, K.T. McFarland, convened a meeting to ask national-security officials for proposals on how to deal with North Korea. Ideas were asked from the said officials. According to one of the officials who prefers to remain anonymous, the proposed ideas are certainly outside the mainstream. The US may be waging an all-out war with North Korea. However, this will only occur if the country and the American people are compromised.

McFarland’s request for options was intended to provide the administration a decision on the country’s North Korea policy, as it is currently under review. The options that were presented to McFarland will be subjected to a process wherein they will be shaped and refined before given to Pres. Trump for consideration.

Right now, South Korea is also in the spotlight. There is only speculation as to how the country will act. Leaders in Seoul and Tokyo sought to intensify the strategy of the United States on exerting diplomatic and economic pressure on North Korea. Hwang Kyo-ahn, the acting President of South Korea, made a statement last Wednesday that they will make sure that the North Korea corrects their erroneous calculations. They will further enhance pressure and sanctions to North Korea until these mistakes are changed.

This statement was made the same day the US and South Korea kicked off a major annual military exercise, which is part of a strategy on defensive military preparedness. This long-running strategy is to ward off the aggression of North Korea.

“The response that will be made by the US and its allies will be both effective and overwhelming,” said Capt. Jeff Davis, Pentagon spokesman.