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Steve King, a Republican Congressman, recently fired a tweet that could put him in deep waters. Steve King is known to have a history of having a white-nationalist supremacist ideology. While King may have tip-toed his way out of such issues, it's probably tough to wiggle out if you tweet something like: “We can't restore our US civilization with someone else's babies."

King made previous references about white culture and demographics, and the disturbing tweet is more of a closing for his idea of what American "destiny" is.

If you read such a tweet, it's very hard to understand it in any other way. It's a blatant call to defend the so-called "White" culture and demographics from the immigrants. In fact, these are words that would seem to come from the mouth of a Klan leader.

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King's tweet could be considered as a support for Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician who is deemed to be far-right. Wilders recently gained popularity in the polls when he also stated something that was anti-immigrant and anti-Islamic. Wilder is part of the Dutch Freedom Party, and the disturbing part is that the party could potentially win in Netherland's upcoming parliament elections.

It seems that far-right politicians and Trump supporters are coming out of the woodwork, sharing a common cause for what they believe as a great idea for racial or ethnic nationalism.

While some people may consider such kind of mentality immoral, it seems that the trend is on the rise again. It could be said that Nigel Farage started this recent political resurgence of far-right ideology during the Brexit vote back in June 2016. Then, Trump won the election in November of the same year. Trump is known to be very vocal against Islam and immigrants as well. In the coming months, Germany will also be open for a political landscape remake, and the chance of far-right ideology gaining a foothold is very real which can also unwind the ties they forge with the European Union.

There was a time when some people used to believe that they were the superior race. Science and society have already debunked such hypothesis. Now, it's nothing more than an old and false notion that always seems to take the lives of millions. While we continue to move forward and learn from our mistakes, it seems that some people still think that it is justified to hold such perception. Just to be clear - it's definitely NOT OKAY.

We could all agree that slavery was a big mistake. It is safe to say that slavery is now abolished and visibly non-existent in most modern societies. Hopefully, we can move together to successfully erase the idea of one race being superior to another.
On the other hand, it could be that this recent resurgence is just a ‘last hoorah’ for such an ideology before it completely dies out, only to reside in the history books. Yet, it is such an ugly reminder of who we used to be.