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In recent months, Donald Trump has been on the news for all the wrong reasons. The POTUS has made Twitter a battleground of making outrageous claims. But if you thought Trump’s administration couldn’t go lower, you’d be wrong. It is now emerging that one of the top aides in Trump’s administration Sebastian Gorka could have ties to Nazis and fascism. Mr. Gorka is one of Trump’s counterterrorism advisers and even though he was born in London, his parents are from Hungary. In one of the inaugural balls organized by the POTUS, Mr. Gorka showed up with a black braided jacket designed to represent the right wing in Hungary. The jacket was also pinned with a medal related to Hungarian Nazi collaborators.

Before you dismiss this as mere coincidence, you will also be surprised to learn that Mr. Gorka has sworn a lifetime oath to a group called Vitézi. According to a report by Lili Bayer and Larry Cohler, the group was classified by the State Department as under the direction of the Nazi government in Germany. Vitézi is an organization that existed during the Second World War and while it was banned in Hungary after the war, it has maintained some remnants in the country and other places abroad. The leader of the group told reporters Lili Bayer and Larry Cohler that indeed Mr. Gorka was a lifetime member of the group.

Despite this evidence, Mr. Gorka was quick to deny, saying that he had no ties whatsoever to the group. Speaking with Liel Leibovitz, a writer for an online Jewish magazine called Tablet, Gorka rubbished the reports. Liel Leibovitz also went ahead to note that the report had been mischaracterized and also termed it as a poor work of journalism seeing that only one source was quoted. Liel Leibovitz lashed at the reporters saying that they could have dug deeper to establish the truth.

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The fact that the leader of the Nazi group Vitézi authoritatively confirmed that Mr. Gorka was a member should be enough for the credibility of the report not to be questioned. There is, of course, a need to do more investigations and uncover more truth about Mr. Gorka. Trump’s administration has been facing many different challenges but one of biggest failures has been to rise above the credibility thresholds that is required for people holding public office in the US. If indeed Mr. Gorka has any ties to the Vitézi group, a known Nazi organization, then he has to be fired. People might also ask the question of how he made it there in the first place. Isn’t the President supposed to have enough information about a person before they are appointed as part of the administration? How could they miss such a glaring red flag? People will need answers and the sooner they are offered them the better.