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At 12:30 PM today, TV news outlets all over the country started reporting about the vote for Trumpcare which was postponed because President Donald Trump failed to finalize the deal with conservatives from the House Freedom Caucus Thursday morning.

This has scuttled Pres. Trump’s dreams of gaining the vote for Trumpcare on the 7th anniversary of Obamacare’s signing. House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, said in an interview with CNN that the Trump administration hopes that the bill’s debate will be started Friday morning. He also said that the reports about a voting that would take place on Friday morning are all horseradish.

He went on by saying that the same reports were accompanied by the reasons why Thursday’s vote got cancelled. One of those reasons was because they would not want politicians to work at 2 in the morning. This can be loosely translated to: “They thought they don’t need House votes, especially at 2 in the morning.”

More likely, one thing is definite and that is the fact that the next step is yet to be determined. It may be known when the House GOP conference convenes at 7 p.m. ET on Thursday.
As of now, millions of people are waiting for the President’s thoughts on the matter. The world is on the edge for Trump’s next Twitter session.

As for TV news consumption, the President made remarks that were carefully measured right after the word got out about Trumpcare’s vote being postponed and erased from the day’s dance card. In a meeting at the Oval Office with trucking industry members, Trump opened the talk by being grateful for the support that was given to Trumpcare.

“I know you might have seen Obamacare as a mistake. Everybody thinks it is, so I welcome you to the majority,” President Trump guffawed.

Veering off topic, Trump went on saying: “No one knows the country like how truckers know America… You see every valley, every pothole, every hill. Obamacare has put several truckers of the country out of business during his term. We will see what happens. It is going to be entertaining as it will surely be a close vote.”

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According to the President, Obamacare is known to be of ‘no good,’ which is why he thinks Trumpcare has a good chance to pass. Trump told his trucker guests that he does not want to spend time with them and then lose votes, which was his way of explaining why he wanted to cease the photo op and just get back to the dealing and wheeling of Trumpcare.

A couple of hours before, White House’s Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, danced around the question whether President Trump will take full responsibility in case Trumpcare doesn’t pass. He just said it will pass and promised no delay on the vote. Spicer went on about the good work that the President has been doing according to him, Trump was still on the phone even after 11 o’clock in the evening just to advocate Trumpcare.