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Montana Democrat Jon Tester announced last Sunday that he will most definitely oppose the nomination of Neil Gorsuch for the US Supreme Court. With the announcement, he made it clear that he is joining the other Democrats in filibustering. It is a principled and strong statement that works for Democrats who are planning to run in a purple or red state in 2018. What Jon Tester is doing is preparing for exactly that. He was not showing any fear when he explained his principled stand in front of all his constituents.

According to Judge Gorsuch, Trump’s nominee is an intelligent man. However, he thinks that the judge is not the right person to be appointed for a lifetime in the country’s Supreme Court.

“I don’t and can’t support a nominee of the Trump administration, especially when the guy refuses to answer critical questions,” exclaimed Tester last Sunday evening.

He went on by saying that if Judge Gorsuch sits on the bench, the country will not benefit because by then, dark money will go on to silence the votes and voices of American citizens. Also, the Supreme Court will no longer provide a link between doctors and women if Gorsuch is appointed. The government will eventually get a hold of the private, peaceful lives of law-abiding, tax-paying Americans.

“All these are not values of Montana. This is why it is never a good idea for anyone to support the nomination of Gorsuch.”

Jon Tester said he had already met Gorsuch in the past. They’ve also met face to face because Tester had to give Gorsuch a fair hearing. The Montana Democrat was tasked with reviewing the qualifications of Gorsuch.

Analysts say that what Tester said was all true. They are also valid reasons why the judge shouldn’t be appointed to the US Supreme Court. Gorsuch is an opaque nominee, and like Tester said, he keeps on refusing to answer or even comment on the questions that are thrown at him. To make matters worse, these questions were in fact the most basic. Gorsuch came into the entire process with an astounding worth of money that was spent for him. Millions worth in dark money were used to give the man the seat. Tester, on the other hand, is only doing his job. He does not give any regard as to what the Republicans will think and decide to do. Republicans may go nuclear. There’s a chance that they will abandon the filibuster for nominees of the Supreme Court altogether.

Source: Slate

This has occurred to Indiana Senator, Joe Donnelly. He has decided to extend Gorsuch his vote. According to Donnelly, Judge Gorsuch is a jurist who’s qualified for the seat. He arrived at this conclusion after he met with the judge, conducted a thorough review, and closely followed his hearing. Donnelly thinks of Gorsuch as a well-respected man and his peers regard him highly.

“All his decisions are based on his interpretation of the law,” said Donnelly.

This makes 3 Democrats who are expected to vote with Republicans.