Source: VOA News

Reports coming out from the White House indicate that Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser to the administration will visit US troops in Iraq. According to the source, Jared Kushner is due to spend some time in Baghdad on Monday accompanied by the chairman and Joint Chief of Staff, General Joseph Dunford. No further details were released about the visit. According to senior White House officials, the trip has been arranged in order to allow Kushner to see the real situation in Iraq and assess it fully from the ground. In addition to this, the source also noted that the visit by Trump’s son-in-law was meant to reaffirm the US support to the Iraqi government in Baghdad that continues to wage a military offensive against ISIS.

Since his appointment to the Trump administration, Kushner has been quite busy. He has been involved in key processes including presidential staffing. In addition to this, Kushner has been playing the role of a shadow diplomat. Also he continues to provide insights and advice to the Trump presidency regarding foreign relations with different countries especially in the Middle East, Mexico, and in some cases, Canada.

And that is not all. Trump’s son-in-law recently launched an expert panel that was meant to help streamline government using experiences and techniques learned in the private sector. Kushner was also recently tasked by President Trump to broker a peace deal between Israel and Palestine albeit he has no previous experience in diplomacy and international relations. The former real estate expert has in the last few days also become the next Trump’s aide to be associated with the ongoing investigations about contacts with Russia.

Source: Press TV

A White House spokesman noted that Kushner had volunteered to testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee on the nature of these contacts in order to clear any lingering doubts about his allegiance. In addition to this, Ivanka’s husband is expected to be a central figure in upcoming talks between Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping slated to take place in Palm Beach, Florida. The trip to Iraq also comes as an investigation on possible civilian deaths in Mosul caused by the US airstrikes. The visit will serve to strengthen the United States intent to support the Iraqi government on all counter terrorism operations.

In recent days, Trump and Kushner had met with Iraqi President Haider Al-Abadi to discuss the ISIS problem. The meeting was considered fruitful with the Iraqi President expressing confidence that the Trump administration was keen and ready to take more aggressive military action against ISIS in Iraq and in Syria. Iraq was one of the seven Muslim-majority countries affected by Trump’s original travel ban but since then, the revised version provided respite for Iraqis fleeing the country for a better life in the US. The trip by Kushner is definitely a milestone and may as well provide the foundation for future cooperation between Baghdad and Washington.