Vice President Mike Pence warned North Korea that it should not test US military’s resolve. Pence also promised that the US military will make an effective and overwhelming response if North Korea ever carries out the use of nuclear or conventional weapons.

Source: The Indian Express

According to the Vice President, the administration of Pres. Trump is constantly and diligently working with allies including China and Japan. The same goes with the other global powers with the aim to apply diplomatic and economic pressure on Pyongyang. Aboard the nuclear-powered supercarrier, USS Ronald Reagan, Pence told the sailors that readiness is a major key as all of them know.

“The country is always seeking peace, especially under the presidency of President Trump. The sword always stands ready and the shield always stands guard,” the VP told at least 2,500 sailors who were all wearing Naval baseball caps and blue fatigues on a windy, sunny morning at the naval base, US Yokosuka.

“Those who would want to challenge the readiness or resolve of the United States should know that the US is capable of defeating any attack. The country can also meet the use of nuclear or conventional weapons with an effective and overwhelming American response,” said Pence.

Pence made the statement as the Trump administration deals with the issue of the supercarrier USS Carl Vinson that headed straight to Australia when it was planned to head to North Korea after.

Pence said that the US would honor the alliance with the Pacific Rim nations. The Vice President also said that the US will protect the freedom of navigation within the South China Sea at all costs. Sea lanes at the South China Sea are vital to shipping at the global scale. China is also currently staking claim of South China Sea.

From two continents, Jim Mattis and Mike Pence warned that the latest missile launch of North Korea that failed was an act of provocation. The VP and the defense secretary assured the allies of the United States in Asia that they are ready to work with them. The US will help in achieving a de-nuclearization of the peninsula in Korea.

Source: Daily Times

The Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, denounced the attempted missile launch of North Korea as he began his Middle East tour. He told the reporters who were traveling with him to the Middle East that the leader that sits in Pyongyang recklessly attempted to provoke the entire world by conducting a missile launch. The term “reckless” was used by North Koreans to describe the ongoing military exercises between South Korea and the US. The large-scale military exercises were also labeled by North Korea as a “dress rehearsal” for an invasion.

Mattis did not take his time to identify the missile that was launched recently. However, he said that it was not within intercontinental range. That means it would not reach US soil. Furthermore, he did not give any statements regarding the possible reasons for the failure of the launch.