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Republican lawmakers now have a brand new plan to replace the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare. The new plan is an attempt to bridge the wide gap that’s in between the moderates and the Freedom Caucus. This is according to a document that was obtained by CNBC.

Politico obtained the document first about the new proposal for the health care bill.
A source from the House Freedom Caucus said to CNBC that the changes to “Trumpcare” will finally secure at least 25 YES votes from the House Freedom Caucus. The new bill is expected to get close to 216 votes. According to the same source, at least 18 of the YES votes will be new.

Two senior aides of GOP told CNBC that a no vote is already scheduled a week from now. However, a discussion is also scheduled and it will happen on Saturday via a conference call.

Below is the document that was obtained:

Trumpcare’s MacArthur Amendment - 4.13.17

Insurance Market Provisions

The following are the plans for the MacArthur Amendment:

  • The federal standard will now be the Essential Health Benefits
  • The following AHCA provisions will be maintained:
  1. Prohibition to deny coverage for those who have pre-existing medical conditions
  2. Prohibition to discriminate basing on gender
  3. An issue of coverage is guaranteed to all applicants
  4. Renewability of coverage is guaranteed
  5. Coverage for parents’ plan dependents will now be up to the age of 26
  6. Community Rating Rules, with the exception for limited waivers

 Limited Waiver Option

The amendment will create the option to obtain a Limited Waiver from certain federal standards in order to expand the number of people who are insured as well as to lower premium costs.

States will be able to seek a Limited Waiver for:

  • Community rating rules with the exception for unwaivable categories such as age, gender, and health status
  • Essential Health Benefits

Limited Waiver Requirements

States need to attest the purpose of a requested waiver which may be to reduce the premium cost and increase the number of people with healthcare coverage. It could also be to advance another benefit for the public’s interest within the state as well as the guarantee to issue coverage for those who already have pre-existing medical conditions. The applications shall be approved by the Secretary within 90 days after the completion of the application.

Source: Vortl

CNBC reached out to House Speaker, Paul Ryan, regarding the document.
Earlier this month, the chairman of House Freedom Caucus, Rep. Mark Meadows, said that the majority of the members of the Caucus will support the replacement bill if the changes that were offered by the Trump administration are included in the legislation, including coverage waivers that are related to rating protections for the community.

Last March, both moderate and conservative Republicans made their first attempt to repeal and then replace the Affordable Care Act with the AHCA, also known as Trumpcare. This new proposal will be the third attempt and Republicans are hopeful that it will finally get the approval that they have sought for months.