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Gov. John Kasich finally spoke out against Trump’s increased push on the topic of illegal immigration.

“Whenever I see an agent of the ICE knocking on a person’s door, it is what they call as the ‘knock and talk,’ it is a really weird thing,” says Kasich. He went on saying that he saw somebody from the Trump administration on television that said if they saw someone who came to the country the illegal way, they can’t look the opposite direction.

To Kasich, that means the Trump administration wants to break up families by sending key members back to their respective countries.

“There’re already enough broken families within this country,” exclaimed the Ohio Governor.

It is important that the US President, Donald Trump, acts like a good father to this country like how he is supposed to do in his own personal life. Kasich said he believes that the President is already getting a good feel of his responsibilities. He also said that everyone should give the President the chance to succeed.

“I did not endorse him. I did not go to his convention, but I want all the best for him. I want him to succeed and I am giving him a chance,” Kasich said in an interview.
Gov. John Kasich, however, slammed the administration of Pres. Trump for implementing “knock-and-talks,” that have been carried out by the officers of ICE.

The initiative, according to Kasich, is un-American. “It is terrible,” he said in an attempt to describe the early actions of the administration that he strongly disagreed with.

“There are a couple of things I don’t like happening at all, especially the one wherein ICE agents were yanking people from their own properties,” Kasich said.

Last Sunday John Kelly, Homeland Security Secretary, was interviewed on Face the Nation of CBS. In the interview, he described the initiative of ICE agents.

“The way we are doing our business receives a lot of criticism, but we see it as necessary. ICE officials are ordered to go after the targeted individuals. They also develop target packages, and then come right at them,” Kelly said, “Now, those who fall into our very hands from the knock-and-talks, especially if they are in the country illegally, will be questioned and sent back to where they came from.”

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Kelly said that he had a talk with a couple of ICE agents in El Paso and they said that the homes officers knock on often house six or seven other people who are illegal immigrants.

“In the course, the targeted persons will be asked to each show a form of proof of residency. They will be taken into custody if they can’t present who they are,” he continued. “ICE agents, as police officers, simply cannot turn around when they spot lawbreakers. Our job is to target those people who are in the country illegally.”

Kasich expressed his astonishment at the remarks made by Kelly. He said that he doesn’t like the initiative and he is firmly against it.