Source: ABC News

When a President sits down at the White House, he or she has to bring in more than just a political agenda.

In Donald Trump's time as the President, it's evident that the kind of qualities he is bringing to the White House are not ideal for the American people. What this article will be talking about is his insecurities. He is insecure when it comes to his progress as the President, insecure to how the public perceives him, and insecure about his electoral college victory.

In fact, as a means to cover his insecurities, Trump does not take long to start criticizing the press. Usually, it's all about the press giving him an unfair treatment. According to him, the press is not covering his accomplishments and not giving him enough praise in terms of his dealmaking ability.

Source: CNN

For example, Trump was quick to blurt out about the press not covering his recent military aircraft deal. According to him, it was a major cost saver. In reality, the deal has little to do with his negotiating skills and the deal itself was orchestrated by the Air Force.

These days, the 100-day marker seems to be bothering Trump. He calls it an "artificial barrier" and the public should not judge him based on it. At the same time, he has been continually broadcasting his accomplishments during the first 100 days.

Aside from denouncing CNN and MSNBC, which he also accused as "fake news," Trump has been hyper-attentive to what the cable news is saying about him. Recently, Trump has been going nuts regarding the recent France attacks. Trump is getting a lot of heat from cable news networks as he labeled the incident as a "terrorist attack" before any sufficient data was known. Once again, Trump resorted to saying that he was being treated unfairly by the press. Furthermore, he also loves the idea of telling the press that he won the presidential seat.

Trump is fond of making statements that he is the President or he is the chief of the White House. It's as if Trump is pounding his chest and shouting "I am king of the hill." Trump probably sees it as a sign of confidence. In reality, it may be a big facade to hide his biggest insecurity.

It's easy to claim that insecurity is harmless, but is it? Trump is obsessed with the idea of him being the winner. Furthermore, he seems to see the world as a game of winners and losers. What happens if he can't win against the Congress with regards to pushing his agenda? What happens if the public sees him as a failure? What kind of desperate measures will he be willing to take in order to ensure that he isn't a "loser"? The most horrifying scenario is when you mix that kind of mentality with foreign adventures like North Korea, Syria, and Afghanistan. We should all be very worried across the globe.