Source: Conservative Review

House Republicans are claiming that the new healthcare legislation is quickly gaining momentum with House GOP members. Three leaders of the Freedom Caucus signaled they are ready to support a new proposed healthcare bill. It was originally the Freedom Caucus that prevented the movement of healthcare overhaul in March.

In the midst of discussion the House Rules Committee had posted the language to (what is being called) the MacArthur amendment. A move many are considering a necessity as members supporting the new proposal will have to convince centrist republicans of the proposed changes.

The MacArthur amendment would allow states to opt out of certain insurance provisions through federal waivers, to “encourage fair health insurance premiums,” but retains provisions that would require insurers to sell health coverage to people with pre-existing conditions while removing protections that keep plans affordable.

Source: DecodeDC

Many believe the MacArthur amendment will not pass in its current state as its language is questionable towards people with pre-existing conditions. Co-chairman of the centrist Tuesday Group Rep. Charlie Dent (R - Pa) stated that “the bill in its current form is unlikely to survive,” and later called movement of the bill as “an exercise in blame shifting” from House conservatives who blocked movement of a potential healthcare overhaul in March to centrist republicans.

Lawmakers and some members of the House GOP are suggesting that a vote can be cast as soon as this week. Speaker Paul Ryan (R - Wi) suggested the house would “vote on it when we get the votes.” Ryan showed favorability towards the amendment claiming that the MacArthur amendment “is a great way to lower premiums, give states more flexibility, while protecting people with preexisting conditions.”