Source: Politico Europe

The new version of the American Health Care Act is referred by some as "Trumpcare." It hit a lot of snags these past few months. As of now, the Republicans are confident that the new version will clear a major hurdle this coming week.

White House officials and Congress suggest that the new version of Trumpcare will make it past the House of Representatives in this coming week.

In fact, Pres. Trump strongly believes that Trumpcare might get the needed votes this coming Friday. However, Trump made the last call of letting the House leaders wait.

According to Trump's comment, he urged the administration to relax and not fall for the made-up 100-day milestone thing. He wants the leaders to take their time. Getting the good votes and making everything perfect is more important than keeping up with the “phony” 100-day milestone according to him.

Mike Pence was recently asked in an interview about Trump's accomplishments within the 100-day milestone. He simply stated that the new Trumpcare won’t happen within the 100-day mark, but it will happen soon.

Pence also stated that Pres. Trump is putting a lot of focus on the new health care bill. In fact, Pres. Trump is not only working with the nation's Congress, but he also signed almost 30 executive orders related to the bill. Mike Pence also added that the new bill is "just around the corner."

Kevin McCarthy, a House Majority Leader and the man who schedules the vote on the House floor, recently stated that everyone should keep their eyes and ears peeled, and watch how the Obamacare will be replaced with Trumpcare.

Gary John, one of the top economic advisers to the Trump administration and the acting National Economic Council director, stated that the new Trupmcare will be voted this week in the House of Representatives. He also added that his expectations that it will pass are high.


The American Health Care Act hit a lot of setbacks the first time it was introduced in March. One of the major causes of the stepback was the contradiction that occurred within the GOP conference.

Also, the moderates predicted that the old Trumpcare would result in an estimated 24 million people having no insurance over the next decade when compared to the current system. The conservatives were also concerned that the Trumpcare did not push hard enough in terms of repealing the Obamacare.

Since the failure, Trumpcare has gone through a number of changes to make it more palatable. It seems that they are doing a good job as the Republicans are getting confident that it will get the votes. In fact, the House of Freedom Caucus is now officially supporting the new bill. On the other hand, the new changes raised a couple of concerns, especially among the moderates. Some moderates even withdrew their support.

It seems like the White House initially planned to get the bill voted during the first 100-day milestone, but the lack of support prevented such scenario from happening.