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The re-election campaign of US President, Donald Trump, unveiled an ad worth $1.5 million to highlight his achievements for the first 100 days. The ad was published to push back the criticism that Pres. Trump has received since he became President. The President’s legacy, as the majority of voters can agree, got off to a fairly sluggish start.

A hundred days ago, Pres. Trump swore as the new President of the United States. According to the ad, which was 30 seconds long, America rarely sees such success.
“Pres. Trump has truly made America, this country, great again. America is winning.”

The ad featured Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation to the US Supreme Court. It also mentioned the tax cut proposals of Trump, as well as his efforts in ending the “reckless trade deals.” The ad specifically stated that Trump and his presidency are both successful.

Trump’s campaign released a statement which said that the campaign of Pres. Trump is continuing the approach of connecting and informing the citizens of the country. It did so by showcasing the work that the President accomplished in only 100 days. The campaign also said that it is continually fighting back against media bias.

“In the first 100 days of Pres. Trump, he has already taken bold actions just to restore prosperity. He also made sure American citizens feel safe and secure. The government, as well, is being held accountable.”

One of Trump’s favorite targets, the media, was also hit by the ad. In the ad, it said: “You would not know it if you just watch the news.”

The ad aired on television throughout the major networks of the country. It also included messages targeteting specific voting groups that are online.

The administration of Trump highlighted the efforts of the President on job creation, national security measures, and regulation cuts. However, not every single one of Trump’s initiatives can be considered as a success. The travel ban is currently stalled in the US court system. Still, it was listed.

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Furthermore, almost all of the accomplishments of Pres. Trump were made through memorandum or executive action, which is something that the Republicans intensely disliked about former Pres. Barack Obama. Obama’s administration. Towards the end of his second term, the president issued several executive orders.

During the campaign period, Pres. Trump promised an astounding economic growth but it still has not come into fruition. The efforts of Trump’s administration to replace Obamacare sputtered in Congress. Republicans, however, vowed to work incessantly this week on those issues.

Late Sunday, an agreement was reached on a huge spending bill that would add more than $1bn for border security. However, the promised border wall of Pres. Trump was not given any funding. Not many were given for deportation force as well. Americans are certainly not convinced of the so-called success of Pres. Trump.

An ORC/CNN poll revealed that Pres. Trump reached his 100 days in office with a historically low approval rating. The reason for this may be Trump’s failure in capitalizing on his post-election strengths.