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The Congress is scheduled to approve a bipartisan spending agreement this coming week. A surprising entry is the soon-to-be-approved $120 million spending that's intended to alleviate the financial stress on the different agencies that are given the task to protect the First Family.

According to the planned spending, $60 million is intended for the U.S. Secret Service. The said agency recently requested additional funding for the security detail that's in charge of protecting the Trump Tower, which is located in New York City. This is according to a report by the New York Times.

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Also, $34 million will be allocated for protecting Trump until the end of the current fiscal year. $23 million will be allocated to the retrofitting of the Trump Tower. There's a plan to add more security personnel and upgrade the tower's equipment. Ironically, the government needs to rent a space within the tower to provide better security of the First Family. This is according to an official report by the Homeland Security.

Keep in mind that Trump has not yet visited the Trump Tower since he took office. However, Barron, his son, and Melania, his wife, are currently living in the Trump Tower while Trump is away for presidential and other matters.

The last $60 million is intended for reimbursement of different local municipalities for the extraordinary law enforcement costs. The majority of these reimbursement funds will go to Palm Beach County and New York City.

Then, there is the issue of Trump's weekly trips to Mar-a-Lago, which is located in Palm Beach, Florida. Each time Trump visits the said location, a multitude of secret service personnel and equipment must be mobilized. Furthermore, the costs continually pile up as it seems that Trump doesn't want to miss his weekly visit to the Palm Beach despite knowing the costs.

Trump's need for extra protection attracted a flock of critics. Critics also highlighted that additional coast guard units are activated, and additional golf carts are being rented whenever Trump visits his Palm Beach estate.

Keep in mind that the federal government is not required to reimburse the cost of local or state law enforcement when it comes to activities that support the service service's protection and security missions. However, the legislation stated that the funds are provided as a means of recognizing the extraordinary costs that are weighed upon on small locales in which the President is located, according to a report made by The Times.

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Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York City, thanked the lawmakers for passing the measure. According to the Mayor, they are receiving what they are owed. He also added that the police officers are pleased to know that they are well compensated for the unprecedented security challenges they took.

Ted Deutch, a representative from Florida, commented in The Times: "This may be an important step. But once the fiscal year ends in September, the nation has to discuss if it's appropriate for such costs to be carried by the taxpayers.”