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The White House has certainly been on a wild ride ever since Trump stepped into office. One of the known fiascos of the Trump administration is the Michael Flynn incident.

Recently, Trump defended Michael Flynn, the former National Security Adviser, on Twitter. This was before a blockbuster testimony that's expected to be delivered to the Senate Judiciary subcommittee.

Trump's logic in defending Flynn was based heavily on the fact that Flynn was given the highest security clearance possible by the previous Obama administration. Trump also added that the "Fake News" rarely talks about that particular point.

Sally Yates is scheduled to deliver the blockbuster testimony this coming Monday. Keep in mind that Sally Yates was the Deputy Attorney General at one point. Yates was ousted from the position because she refused to uphold one of Trump’s executive orders.

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The White House released a statement last month saying that Flynn acquired the highest security clearance possible during the last year of the Obama administration. From this, Trump concluded that Flynn did not need to be vetted again for taking the National Security Adviser position.

Pres. Trump did not stop at a single Tweet. He also posted several tweets that mainly revolved around suggesting serious questions the Senate subcommittee should ask Yates.

One of Trump's notable "questions" is about asking Yates how she knows about the so-called classified information that got into the newspaper almost immediately after she explained everything to the White House counsel. Trump also emphasized that such question should be asked right after Yates takes the oath.

Flynn held the position of the National Security Adviser for a mere 24 days. He was ousted from his position because of reports from multiple news media outlets that said that he misled Mike Pence, the current Vice President of the United States. This was about the situation where Flynn got in contact with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the United States, before the inauguration of Trump.

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However, it was Yates that reported to the White House counsel that Flynn made a couple of misleading statements to Kislyak. Yates argued that the pit that Flynn dug for himself could expose him to a possible Russian government blackmail.

Axios, a news website, reported that Trump was not particularly pleased on how the administration officials reacted to Flynn after the incident. Axios released this news before Trump's Monday tweet. Generally, the administration officials expressed a lot of contempt towards Flynn.

Specifically, Trump was displeased that administration officials aren't "missing" Flynn even though he defended the former National Security Adviser.

Trump also announced that those who are feeding negative information to the media concerning Flynn should stop immediately. This was according to Axios's report which was published on Sunday.

While Trump may have claimed that he has been defending Flynn for some time already, it's only these last few days that he was very public about it. It's possible that Trump knows something and he is willing to bet on Flynn's side publicly.