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It seems that the firing of the FBI Director, James Comey, is just the start of a long line of disasters coming.

Last Wednesday night, several news media outlets began releasing details from months before that lead to the dismissal of Comey. The world is starting to feel the shock waves of Trump's bomb-dropping decision. Even the reactions within the FBI are starting to emerge.

Reactions from FBI officials and the Justice Department ranged from fear to pure anger. This is according to a report made by the Washington Post. The report also stated that Trump essentially declared war on a lot of officials within the FBI.

Almost immediately after Comey's firing, Rod Rosenstein, the Attorney General, threatened to resign. This is according to an article in The Post. Rosenstein made such threats after he was considered as the "prime mover" of Comey's dismissal.

Big news media outlets reported that Trump’s anger towards Comey was increasing as the former FBI Director was the most visible official investigating the Russians’ involvement during the U.S. elections.

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The Times reported that Trump is obsessed with the idea of loyalty, and Comey is like a rogue operator under his administration. Thus, he cannot be trusted.

Just last week, Comey was in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, stating an explosive testimony. It was also the time when Comey admitted that the idea of his mishandling of Hillary Clinton's email server, which may have affected the presidential elections, made him "mildly nauseous."

Everyone knows that the FBI investigation of the president’s possible ties to Russia is a thorn that is wedged deeply on Trump's side. Trump already made several statements (and tweets) which claim he didn't do anything wrong.

The Russian incident has already entangled a lot of Trump's allies. One of the most well-known is Michael Flynn, the former National Security Adviser of Trump.

Carter Page, the Foreign Policy Adviser of Trump at one point, is another person of interest in the investigation. Paul Manafort, Trump's campaign chairman, is also on the list.

Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General, had already recused himself from the investigation. Sessions was one of the leading investigators, and now critics are saying that he may have a role in the dismissal of Comey.

Trump recently released his dismissal letter to Comey. In it, Trump stated that according to Comey, he was not being investigated. In fact, this was asserted on three occasions. These accounts were considered as the Justice Department started to interview five candidates for the FBI Director position. The temporary FBI Director as of the moment is one of the five candidates. Other candidates are FBI managers from Virginia and Chicago.

Source: Business Insider

The decision as to who gets the job will require confirmation from the Senate. This is a scenario that needs to be greatly considered, especially considering that the chamber is already deeply divided, to begin with. There is a good possibility that the permanent FBI Director position will stay open for some time.