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With what’s happening in the White House at the moment, it's easy to wonder if Trump really knows what he is doing. One of the reasons why voters chose Trump was because he is "not a politician." Trump further fueled the notion by claiming that politicians are just all talk with no actions. Of course, claiming that you are not a politician would also mean that you have little experience when it comes to knowing how the government works. In fact, Americans know that Trump never held a government office before. Now, it's time to seriously think if this is actually a good thing.

When Trump won the presidential seat, the stock market greatly spiked up profitably. Investors were placing their bets that Trump would deregulate the corporate world and reduce corporate taxes (like he promised to do). This meant that companies would get to keep more of their profits, which would then drive the stock prices upwards. At the present, investors are starting to think twice if such promise will ever materialize. In fact, the stock market has actually started to decline.

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Then, there are the issues that are closer to the White House. Rumors started to circulate that the Russian government helped Trump win by hacking and leaking Hillary Clinton's emails. Also, Republicans were clamoring that Obamacare should be repealed and replaced. Then out of nowhere, Trump fired the FBI Director, James Comey. Now recently, Trump confirmed that he shared classified information to the Russians.

After the reports had come out of Trump's sharing of classified information, the President was scorned by both Democratic and Republican lawmakers.

Bob Corker, a senator from Tennessee, recently stated that the White House should do everything it can to reverse the "downward spiral." Adding, “Let's be honest here, Trump's administration seems to be out of control.”

Bob Corker added that "the White House must immediately deploy protocols to bring itself in order and under control." This is according to a report by Sahil Kapur of Bloomberg. Corker ended with: "this needs to happen now."

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However, the first step to solving a problem is recognizing it. This is something that historically, the president has had a difficult time doing. Thus, Trump’s administration must first acknowledge that they are at fault need to have a grip on what's happening all around them.

Corker's comments hit the news media just after a former US official reported to “The Washington Post” that Trump had shared classified information with Russians regarding ISIS. The meeting happened in the Oval Office last week.

The information was so sensitive that it was not even shared with the allies of the United States. Furthermore, the information was also tightly restricted within the U.S. government.

Corker stated that this chaos brought by the lack of discipline is not only bogging down the system, but it creates a worrisome environment. Corker added that the national security team is completely competent, and it would be a shame if such chaos renders it ineffective.