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These days, it seems that the news is out of control. Just before you adjust to one insane media story, another one pops up that is equally as ludicrous. Recently, people are starting to explore the reasoning behind Trump's firing of Mr. Comey, the former FBI Director. Before people could fully become accustomed to the subject, the threat of Trump's impeachment is already hitting news media outlets.

While impeachment is a heavy word, it is gaining momentum, especially after the termination of Mr. Comey.

According to a New York Times article, Trump tried to pressure Mr. Comey to drop the investigation that surrounded Michael Flynn. This new story has drastically changed the way people are looking into the administration.

In fact according to Angus King, a Senator from Maine, the reports of possible impeachment are true.

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According to a survey by Public Policy Polling, 48% of the voters already want to impeach President Trump.

When it comes to the Russia and Trump fiasco, there's so much that the people don't know about it that it’s become a main topic for Washington. However, what is clearly known is that Trump fired Mr. Comey while he was investigating the possible collusion of Trump's administration with the Russian Government.

If the tables were turned, and Trump was a Democrat who had done these things, Republicans would be in an uproar. And a justifiable one at that.

A large number of Democrats are already starting to entertain the idea of Trump's impeachment. The main source of the Democrat party's frustration can be traced to the restrained behavior of the representatives and the political crisis that's looming over the White House.

Maxine Waters is a Democrat and one of the few who openly discuss the possibility of Trump's impeachment. She admits that some Democrats think an impeachment is a far fetched idea. Maxine Waters, however, disagrees.

For most Democrats, the idea of Trump's impeachment is not something they want to push forward at the moment. However, the party is also not opposed to the idea. For most Democratic officials, they are hoping for some Republicans to join the rally for Trump's impeachment before they really start pushing the idea forward.

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Senator Jeff Merkley reported that, for now, the fight is about getting the facts. It's one reason why most senators are standing behind Mr. Comey, who they see as someone who is bold, aggressive, fully competent, and non-partisan. Merkley also added that most senators are pushing for a special prosecutor to get and follow the facts.

As of the moment, the strongest case for Trump's impeachment is obstruction of justice. While it is true that obstruction of justice is something that is hard to be found guilty of, history tells us that this is not a fast or easy road to go down. Nixon may have faced imminent impeachment, which caused his resignation, but he held the seat for 4-5 years. Trump is barely reaching his first year and he is already creating a lot of chaos in the government. With Trump's current pacing, even if he misses the "obstruction of justice" bullet, it's only a matter of time until another hits him and finally takes him out.