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At the moment, Jared Kushner is on FBI's hot seat. Kushner is being investigated for possible ties between Russian officials and President Trump. FBI's investigation encompasses from the election campaigning time to the present.

Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, is now serving as a senior adviser to Trump. FBI investigators have good reasons to believe that Kushner may have "significant information" that will shed light on the Trump-Russia investigation. According to NBC News the source was an official who wanted to stay anonymous.

The “Washington Post” also reported last week about the issue. As stated in the report, one of the White House staff members caught the attention of the FBI investigators.

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FBI authorities are investigating the "series of meetings" attended by Russian officials and Trump. According to the report, Sergey Kislyak (Russian Ambassador to the U.S.) and a Moscow banker had a series of meetings with Kushner. This caught the attention of FBI investigators.

As of the moment, Kushner is not yet accused of any wrongdoings. This is according to a report made by NBC News and The Post.

Jamie Gorelick, one of Kushner's attorneys, stated that Kushner volunteered to the Congress on what he knows about the said meetings. Gorelick added that Kushner would gladly do the same if he is contacted with regards to another Trump-Russia government inquiry.

Source: USA Today

The Senate Intelligence Committee became interested in Kushner's communication between Kislyak and the Moscow banker, which happened in March.

According to Kislyak, he orchestrated the meeting of Sergey N. Gorkov (CEO of Vnesheconombank) and Kushner. According to Bloomberg, Gorkov was appointed by Vladimir Putin in January 2016 to help restructure Russia's banking system.

As of late, Kushner is very active whilst under Trump's administration. In fact, he just returned from Trump's first official foreign trip.

There are already a lot of Trump associates that have been dragged to the FBI's ongoing investigation of the Trump-Russian government incident. Just this week, the Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenaed Michael Flynn. Flynn did not comply with the subpoena for the documents that are related to the FBI's investigation. Flynn resorted to invoking his Fifth Amendment rights.

It seems that the FBI is doing a good job of uncovering ties between Trump and the Russian government. President Trump may be in very hot waters. This meeting between Kushner and Putin's banker only adds fuel to the fire that is now Trump’s personal political fiasco.

Even if Kushner may not have engaged in any shady business with the Moscow banker, the news will still worsen the declining public opinion of Trump. It doesn't take a genius to realize that Trump and the Russian government may have had a connection even before he won the Presidential seat. In fact, it's easy to assume that Trump may have asked assistance from the Russian government to help him win the presidency. After all, the hackers that leaked Hillary's emails were from Russia.