Source: NYTimes

Michael Dubke, Communications Director at the White House and longtime GOP strategist has left the Trump administration. The resignation comes as a massive shake-up and is expected in Washington over the coming few weeks. According to the White House Counselor, Kellyanne Conway, Dubke is reported to have handed his resignation to the President shortly before he left for his maiden international trip. Dubke wrote in the letter that it was an honor to serve in the Trump administration. Conway revealed in an interview with Fox News that Mr. Dubke had decided to see through the President’s trip overseas before finally quitting.

A statement released by the White House Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, thanked Dubke for his service to the administration saying that he was grateful for his dedication to the country. The former Communications Director had, however, offered to remain in office until a transition was completed. The resignation couldn’t have come at a more peculiar time. At the moment, speculation in Washington is ripe with reports of an anticipated shakedown of the President’s team.

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One of the strategies that the President is hoping to explore is organizing countrywide rallies where he will speak directly to the voters. Analysts have argued that the current communication strategy was not really working and as such, there was a need for a full revamp. It is reported that the President is also ready to take more questions from reporters during interviews on the road or even during photo ops with foreign leaders. There are also insider reports that claim that the role of Sean Spicer, the current White House Secretary, will be downsized. Spicer has been criticized in a few press conferences and his demotion would pave the way for Sarah Huckabee, the current Deputy Press Secretary to the White House.

The White House is also considering the idea of building what it calls a “War Room” that will solely be used to monitor and manage developments with the Russian investigation. The War Room’s immediate purpose would be to manage the potential fallout that arose after the controversial dismissal of FBI Director James Comey, who was investigating the case. There is also the possible return of former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandoski and David Bossie who served as a deputy. Speaking to Fox and Friends, Bossie said that the Trump administration had reached out to him but there was no offer for a position at the moment.

Source: CNN

The President’s longtime lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, is also back on board as part of a legal team that will be helping the POTUS deal with the ongoing Russian investigation. There were also a few reports that said the administration could recruit David Urban, a Republican Lobbyist who was credited for handing the President an unexpected win in the state of Pennsylvania. There is no doubt that the Trump administration needs new legs, especially considering the kind of circumstances the President currently finds himself in. The shakeup is definitely going to happen and it’s now a question of who goes and who stays.