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It seems like Trump is deciding to take out the US out of the Paris climate agreement. This is according Jonathan Swan, a reporter for Axios. According to Swan, two sources have already confirmed Trump's decision.

CNN and Politico are also reporting that Trump has the intention of pulling out the country from such agreement. However, a White House representative did not respond when asked for a comment about the issue.

Since the start of Trump's presidency, the earth-friendly movement was anxious to know if the U.S. President would pull out. During Trump's recent trip, European allies have been pressuring Trump to stay in the agreement.

Scott Pruitt, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency administrator, is a vocal advocate for exiting the agreement. The exact reason for Pruitt's endorsement is not yet clear, especially considering that he is the man in charge of a department that involves the protection of the environment.

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In the past, Trump called the climate change issue as a "hoax." Furthermore, during the presidential campaign, Trump stated that he would cancel the Paris agreement if he gets elected.

The Paris agreement, which was established back in 2015, was a big win for the environmental movement. It was the first time in history in which leaders from different countries came together to deal with the rising carbon emission problem. The countries made a pact that they will do everything they can to stop the planet from warming up by more than 1.5 degrees celsius when compared to the pre-industrial levels.

Climate experts have been warning global leaders that increasing the planet's temperature by 2 degrees will result in irreversible consequences like drought, weather unpredictability, and the rise of the sea level. Agriculture may be devastated and life on the coasts will never be the same again.
According to statistics, the global temperature is increasing by .1 degree Celsius per decade.

Some scientists believe that the world has already emitted enough carbon that it would be nearly impossible to keep it from warming above the 2 degrees mark. However, the sooner the countries can act, the better it will be for everyone on the planet.

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According to the polls, about two-thirds of Americans support the Paris agreement. If signed, it would legally bind the United States and all of the participating countries to cut carbon emissions. This is according to a CBS News poll and a New York Times report.

It's not only the majority of the people that are supporting the Paris agreement. In fact, Major companies like Shell, Microsoft, Google, BP, and Apple have sent letters to Trump, encouraging him not to pull out the U.S. from the Paris agreement. Generally, the companies are saying that staying in the Paris agreement would mean reducing business risk, creating jobs, and strengthening the competitiveness of U.S. companies.

Recently, Trump tweeted that he would make his decision "over the coming days." Almost immediately, the official account of the United Nations tweeted that climate change is now undeniable and action must be taken to ensure the survival of the planet.