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FBI has another "person of interest" in relation to the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, and that's Nigel Farage, the former UK Independence Party leader. This is according to a report by “The Guardian” last Thursday.

In the report, Farage had caught the attention of the FBI mainly because of his connection to Julian Assange (founder of WikiLeaks) and Trump’s presidential campaign team. According to the source, FBI found out that Farage had visited Assange last March.

Last year, WikiLeaks published several hacked emails that belonged to Hillary Clinton. Supporters of Clinton claim that the leaked emails had a deadly blow to Clinton's presidential bid. Assange is suspected to have worked with the Russian hackers via third-parties to obtain the emails. Assange repeatedly denied such an accusation.

Last Thursday, Farage mentioned to the Press Association that he is remarkably doubtful as to being labeled a "person of interest" in the FBI Trump-Russia investigation.

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Shortly after he told this to the Press Association, Farage followed it with a Tweet saying that it's just a desperate attempt to associate him with Putin's regime and its ties to the Trump administration.

In March, Business Insider reported that UKIP, which was under the leadership of Farage at the time, had a long-standing relationship with Assange. Last month, the Observer suggested that it's possible that Farage provided the "back channel" which allowed Trump's presidential campaign team to communicate with WikiLeak's founder.

Last October, Roger Stone mentioned to a CBS reporter that he had a back-channel communication with WikiLeak's founder, and it was all because of a mutual friend. Stone added that this "mutual friend" travels back and forth from the United States to London. The Observer asked if the "mutual friend" was Nigel Farage. Roger Stone's spokesman was quick to reply: "definitely not." Keep in mind that Roger Stone is a Republican strategist who is also being investigated by the FBI because of his links to Russia.

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The spokesman of Stone stated that "Nigel Farage has never set foot in Russia and he certainly does not have any working ties with Russian authorities." When the spokesman was asked if Farage knew that he was a "person of interest" in the FBI's investigation, the spokesman did not respond. This is according to the same report made by “The Guardian.”

Farage also has a close connection with Trump's campaign team, especially with Steve Bannon, the Chief Executive of the President’s campaign team. In fact, Farage was the first politician from the UK to have visited Trump after he won the election in November.

Keep in mind that Farage is a regular personality on “Russia Today,” a Russian-owned broadcasting station.

Just this month a reporter of Die Zeit, a German newspaper, repeatedly questioned Farage about his links to Russia. Farage simply ended the interview abruptly in response. Sources say his actions were “telling.”

FBI's Trump-Russia investigation seems to be moving forward at full speed. Nigel Farage may just be an innocent bystander who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Or, perhaps he could be the "back channel" link that officials are looking for. One thing is for sure, the FBI is leaving no rock unturned.